Council reappoints Shire CEO John Baker

Published on 14 June 2022


Mornington Peninsula Shire Council has reappointed Chief Executive Officer John Baker for a further four years.
At its meeting on 7 June 2022, Council resolved:

  • To reappoint the Chief Executive Officer under a new Contract of Employment for a term of four years.
  • That the Chief Executive Officer Remuneration and Employment Committee review and endorse the contract terms before is it negotiated between the Mayor and Chief Executive Officer.
  • That the Contract Terms be negotiated between the Mayor and Chief Executive Officer, and the final contract be endorsed by the Chief Executive Officer Remuneration and Employment Committee and approved by Council.
  • That the negotiations be finalised by 8 November 2022.

Mr Baker’s current four-year contract ends in November this year.

Quotes attributable to Mayor Anthony Marsh
“During his time at the Shire, John has shown great leadership. He has overseen a significant restructure of the organisation and the streamlining of the Shire’s services to better serve our community.”
“He steered the organisation successfully through the challenges of Covid and was able to respond quickly and effectively to ensure our most vulnerable residents were supported through the pandemic.”
“John is committed to the wellbeing of our community and to continuously improving Shire services. I’m happy we have been able to secure his services as CEO for another four years.”

Quotes attributable to CEO John Baker
“I am delighted to be reappointed to the role of CEO.  It’s a privilege to lead such a devoted and talented group of people within the organisation.  We have achieved some amazing outcomes for residents and visitors to this magical place but the challenges if anything have become greater post-Covid.”
“There remains a lot of work left to be done across many sectors of the Shire. In the next four years I want to continue the focus on delivering the aspirations of our community and driving the positive strategic direction and Vision set by Council for the Mornington Peninsula.”




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