Council protects Peninsula’s character and facilitates housing to 2036

Published on 04 August 2020


At its Planning Services Committee Meeting on Monday 20 July 2020, Mornington Peninsula Shire Council adopted the Mornington Peninsula Housing and Settlement Strategy: Refresh 2020-2036.

The State Government projects that by 2036 the population of the Mornington Peninsula will increase to 200,360. In 2016 the population was 161,520 – this is an increase of over 38,800 people.

The Strategy outlines how future housing and population growth will be accommodated on the Mornington Peninsula over the next 16 years while ensuring the special values and character of the Peninsula are protected.

At the same meeting, Council resolved to start the process to amend the planning controls for the Peninsula to ensure development better respects the Peninsula’s valued neighbourhood character and to make it easier to build a new home or extend an existing home.

Mornington Peninsula Shire Mayor Councillor Sam Hearn said “This is one of the biggest achievements of the last four years. As a local council we have a significant role in managing the demand for housing and population growth on the Peninsula, as well as ensuring the unique characteristics of the Peninsula are safeguarded”.

“However, our role is to also make sure our residents have the ability to stay in the townships they love for longer. As such, we’ve worked to improve the process of building or extending on the Peninsula to make it more streamlined for residents”.

Councillor Antonella Celi and Planning Services Committee Chair said “the next step is for Council to seek authorisation from the Minister for Planning to prepare a Planning Scheme Amendment to formally introduce the proposed changes into the Planning Scheme. 

“A key part of this will be engagement with the community to ensure the proposed changes are understood by the community and enable the community to have their say”.

To view the Mornington Peninsula Housing and Settlement Strategy: Refresh 2020-2036 click here.

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