Council not ‘walking away’ from VCAT declaration hearing

Published on 22 March 2021


The Mornington Peninsula Shire’s decision to withdraw from the Friday 19 March VCAT administrative enforcement meeting regarding the Tyabb airfield is not an indication of Council walking away from negotiations or its intent to seek a declaration on its position.

Friday’s hearing was simply an enforcement matter.

The decision to withdraw was undertaken while good faith negotiations continue between the Shire and the Peninsula Aero Club (PAC).

Mornington Peninsula Shire CEO John Baker said Friday’s hearing was about enforcement and not seeking a declaration of our position. That would come later if negotiations with the Aero Club fail.

“It is standard practice for us to hold without prejudice conversations to head off potential VCAT proceedings and Friday’s withdrawal was undertaken with this in mind”.

Mayor Despi O' Connor said “Having recommenced discussions with PAC in recent months, we are working to negotiate an agreement which will deliver positive outcomes for both the community and PAC, balancing the concerns of residents while enabling the appropriate and sustainable use of the airfield into the future”.

Councillor Paul Mercurio said “Working with the CEO, Mayor and PAC over the last few months to come to a balanced, fair and workable resolution for all parties concerned is, and will continue to be, our focus”.



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