Council continues climate change action with rooftop solar rollout

Published on 20 June 2018


Mornington Peninsula Shire is leading the way on renewable energy with more than 2,000 solar panels set to be installed by 2020.

Panels have already been installed at 19 Shire operated buildings with another 27 on the way.

The Rooftop Solar PV Rollout will see solar panels installed at sites on the peninsula over the next 18 months including large systems at the Rosebud Municipal Office (99.73 kW), Hastings Library (50.4 kW) and Civic Reserve Recreation Centre (99.73 kW) in July/August 2018.

At completion, approximately 707 kW or 2,440 panels will be installed on Shire owned and operated buildings. Saving the Shire more than $132,000 per annum as electricity prices continue to rise. In addition to this, the Shire’s carbon footprint will be reduced by 3%.

Shire Mayor Councillor Bryan Payne said the rollout of solar across the Shire aligns to the ‘Our Place’ strategic theme of the 2017-2021 Council Plan, supporting a commitment to demonstrate leadership in climate change mitigation and adaptation.

“We’ve made a commitment to strive for Carbon Neutral Council operations by 2021, we’re demonstrating leadership through a series of innovative renewable energy, waste recovery and recycling activities, and by assisting local businesses to make environmental upgrades that will reduce the carbon footprint of the entire region.

“Our long-standing history supporting the uptake of renewable generation continues with our current Rooftop Solar PV Rollout on Shire owned and operated buildings, which will see some 2,440 panels installed and reduce the Shire’s carbon footprint by 1,062 t CO2e per annum”.

Council also assisted community groups to install more than 50 kW of solar, including Mount Eliza Cricket Club and Sorrento Community Centre. Sorrento Community Centre recently unveiled its new solar and battery system, installed as part of the Community Grid Project, that will lower power bills, showcase energy solutions and support the grid during its peak usage. 

The latest Environmental Upgrade Agreement between the Shire, the Sustainable Melbourne Fund and local salad growers Hussey and Co., financed a 505kW solar system at their Somerville facility, expected to save 754 t CO2e—equivalent to taking 161 cars off the road each year!

Nine EUAs are now in place and comprise 839.5 kW, or some 2,881 solar panels, installed across the Shire.

Council adopted its Carbon Neutral Policy in February 2016. It articulates the overall approach to achieving Carbon Neutrality for Shire operations, including time frames that will be implemented to apply for formal accreditation from the federal government under the National Carbon Offset Standard.

To find out more about what the Shire is doing to tackle climate change, visit:

PICTURE DETAILS (L-R): Eric Zuiker, Shire’s Climate Change Project Delivery Officer Vanessa Graley, Lachie Fereaz, Briars Ward Councillor Rosie Clark, Sam Leighton, Damian Richardson and Max Delongville on site at 91 Wilsons Road, Mornington where solar panels are being installed on The Corner Youth Centre and Peninsula Community Theatre buildings as part of the Shire’s Rooftop Solar PV Rollout. 

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