Council adopts Local Laws

Published on 26 August 2022


At its Council Meeting on Tuesday 23 August 2022, Mornington Peninsula Shire Council adopted the Community Amenity Local Law 2022, Short Stay Rental Accommodation (Amendment) Local Law 2022 and Consumption of Liquor Local Law 2022.
Community Amenity Local Law

We have a legislative obligation to review and prepare a new Community Amenity Local Law every 10 years. From building sites, to rubbish, to pets – the Community Amenity Local Law (previously called the General Purposes Local Law) covers a wide range of topics.
It empowers us to respond to local issues and protect public and private space, as well as our community’s health and safety.
We will review Part 4 of the Community Amenity Local Law, that deals with open air burning, incinerators and chimneys, later in 2022 to ensure we’re able to provide adequate focus and address community feedback.
Consumption of Liquor Local Law

The Consumption of Liquor Local Law regulates consumption of alcohol on Shire-managed land.
Short Stay Rental Accommodation (Amendment) Local Law

The Short Stay Rental Accommodation Local Law regulates the use of short stay rental accommodation on the Peninsula. Although not yet due for renewal, we have made minor amendments to streamline the registration process and make it easier to administer.

We will be undertaking a more in-depth review of this Local Law in 2023, where we will seek community input.
To view the adopted Local Laws, head to:

Quote attributable to Mayor Councillor Anthony Marsh:

“Thank you to everyone who provided their thoughts and ideas on our Local Laws, which seek to find the right balance for our community. We will conduct further reviews regarding open air burning and short stay rental accommodation over the coming year and look forward to your feedback on these important issues in due course.

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