Community satisfaction survey starts Monday

Published on 27 January 2023


From Monday 30 January 2023 until mid-March, Mornington Peninsula households may receive a call from JWS Research, who will identify themselves as independent market research agency, National Field Services.
They have been commissioned to conduct a community satisfaction survey on behalf of the Shire. Similar surveys will be undertaken across Victorian councils.
The survey has been designed to assess our performance across a range of measures, to identify ways we can improve and provide greater service delivery to our residents.
Your details and individual responses are confidential. Only the overall results are shared with us to highlight our strengths and areas for improvement.
With the large increase in scamming activity in Australia recently, a few tips to remember to help verify the authenticity of the phone call:

  • National Field Services will never ask for people by name.
  • They will always identify themselves as National Field Services and introduce themselves.
  • They will always say how long the survey is expected to take.
  • The call will never come from a mobile number.
  • There is no prize offered for participation.
  • They will never ask for any financial information.

Our annual community satisfaction survey will transition to quarterly once this survey has been completed in March 2023.
If you need support, please call us on 1300 850 600.

Quotes attributable to Mayor Councillor Steve Holland:
“From 30 January through to mid-March you may receive a call from JWS Research. This is for our annual community satisfaction survey for the previous year 2022. JWS Research will identify themselves as ‘independent market research agency, National Field Services’. Rest assured, the calls are confidential.”
“I strongly encourage you to participate in the survey so that we can understand how to deliver the best service to our community.”



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