Community feedback for next year’s Budget soars

Published on 10 March 2022


Since our brand new Budget Portal launched on 7 January, more than 2,000 community members have shared their ideas and priorities with us.

We promised to make it easier for everyone to have their say. We're proud to say our community response is already 25 times higher compared to previous years’ submissions. It’s clear our new portal has made the feedback process more inclusive and achievable for our residents.

Our Budget Portal gives our community a chance to hold the purse strings for a minute with 100 ‘points’ to hand out to 16 key themes for funding. Each choice will cost 20 points and up to five selections can be made.
Themes include:

  • Performing arts theatre centre                                            
  • Footpath and walking trails                                                 
  • Strengthen our local economy                                            
  • Road maintenance                                                             
  • Drainage projects                                                              
  • Arts, cultural and creative programs                                    
  • Playground and accessibility programs                               
  • Sporting club facilities upgrades                                          
  • Protection of our rural Green Wedge                                   
  • Community strengthening initiatives                                    
  • Physical and mental health                                                 
  • Caring for our natural environment                                      
  • Public transport advocacy                                                   
  • Traffic management measures                                           
  • Peninsula Trail                                                
  • Sporting ground improvements.

While a significant amount of the Budget is allocated to essential services including rubbish and recycling, road maintenance and family services, we still need our community’s input on what’s most important to them to assist Council with their broader Budget deliberations.
Spend your points where your passions lie and let us know what’s important to you! If your idea is not there, you can still provide your suggestions through the feedback box on the website.
If you haven’t had your say yet, we urge you to do so before the portal closes on 31 March.
Community drop-in sessions
We’re continuing with our drop-in sessions across the Peninsula. These sessions are for those who need help with the online form or understanding the Budget process.

  • Friday 11 March, 10am – 1pm, Shire office in Hastings
  • Friday 18 March, 1 – 4pm, Shire office in Rosebud
  • Monday 21 March, 11.30am – 1.30pm, Hastings Community Hall
  • Tuesday 22 March, 11.30am – 1.30pm, Somerville Mechanics Hall
  • Wednesday 23 March, 11.30am – 1.30pm, Dromana Community Hall
  • Friday 25 March, 1 – 4pm, Shire offices in Mornington and Hastings.

Council meetings
This autumn, Council will meet regularly to discuss the Budget. Our community is welcome to attend these meetings and ask questions of the Shire’s Chief Executive Officer John Baker, Chief Financial Officer Bulent Oz and Mayor Cr Anthony Marsh.

  • 15 March, 4.15pm at Safety Beach Sailing Club
    • Topic of discussion: Revenue, rating structure, grants, fees and charges
  • 4 April, 5.30pm at Council Chambers, Rosebud
    • Topic of discussion: Operating expenses
  • 10 May, time and location to be announced
    • Topic of discussion: Capital works and priority projects
  • 31 May, 5.30pm at Council Chambers, Rosebud

Topic of discussion: Budget adoption.


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