Closing soon: Housing for the Peninsula Amendment C219morn

Published on 12 October 2021


The Peninsula’s population is growing. By 2036 there will be over 200,000 residents. This means the Peninsula will need around 1,200 new homes per year to provide enough housing.
The Shire has developed a sustainable approach to:

  • Meet the range of housing needed (homes, units, apartments and residential aged care facilities)
  • Direct future housing to appropriate areas
  • Ensure the special values and character of the Peninsula are protected.

Changes to the Planning Scheme are required to implement this approach, this is called Planning Scheme amendment C219morn.
This planning scheme amendment proposes changes to the existing residential zones and planning controls to ensure housing occurs in appropriate locations and respects the Peninsula’s special values and character. These controls relate to, for example, building height and design, siting, landscaping and fences.  
The amendment also proposes to simplify existing planning controls to make them easier to understand and reduce the need for planning permits, particularly for one house on a lot. This means more applications will be processed under the Building Regulations, without needing a planning permit.
We want to know what you think of these proposed changes. Consultation closes Friday 29 October at 5pm.

This is a formal planning scheme amendment process. For your views to be formally considered, please lodge a submission to the amendment by the closing date.

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