Clarification on today’s 3AW breakfast interview

Published on 11 March 2022


Mornington Peninsula Shire Council welcomes today’s discussion about how best to classify the Mornington Peninsula.
We share the concerns of the Committee for Mornington Peninsula that the Peninsula is disadvantaged by its current metropolitan classification, which does not recognise our unique character and mix of urban and rural challenges.
We commissioned a report in 2021 to look into this issue and explore other opportunities and models that could unlock regional funding streams designed to support regional areas.
Following this investigation and further discussion, we are considering a new classification – Peri-Regional - that recognises our unique challenges and opportunities, protects our Green Wedge and unlocks the significant economic potential of our region.
This approach offers the opportunity to maintain the benefits of our metro classification, safeguard our Green Wedge planning controls and provide access to relevant regional funding programs, which better support the economic potential of our municipality.
We believe this may be a better approach than the current metropolitan designation. Councillors are due to formally adopt a position on this issue shortly.


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