Changes to parking in residential streets near The Pillars

Published on 06 December 2021


Visitors to The Pillars have been a cause for concern for many nearby residents in recent years. Part of this issue refers to parking in residential streets and anti-social behaviour.
In August this year, we asked nearby residents to consider three options to discourage people from parking their vehicles in nearby residential streets. The three options were:
1) No change
2) No parking for anyone 
3) No parking unless you have a permit.
Option three was the preferred alternative for most respondents. Council considered the community’s feedback at the Council Meeting on 19 October and resolved to trial a permit zone.
The permit zone trial began 1 December and continues until the end of April.
Cars parked in the new permit zones without permits or otherwise illegally parked will be in breach of the Road Rules and penalties will apply (fines up to $182). Shire officers and police will be patrolling the area up to three times per day.

Quotes attributable to Briars Ward Councillors Mayor Anthony Marsh, Despi O’Connor and Steve Holland:
Together with Shire officers, we will continue our dialogue with residents over summer to get feedback about their experience and to assess how effective the trial is. In May next year we will undertake a formal evaluation of the trial.”  


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