Certainty and clarity for the Tyabb Airfield

Published on 25 June 2020


For many years there has been uncertainty and confusion around some aspects of the operation of the Tyabb airfield.
In an effort to ensure that everybody is clear about the conditions under which the airfield operates now and into the future, the Shire has lodged an enforcement order application with the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) to obtain an independent adjudication for the continuing use of the airfield by the Peninsula Aero Club (PAC).
Mornington Peninsula Shire Mayor Cr Sam Hearn and Watson ward Councillor Julie Morris said this does not mean that we oppose the airfield or wish to close it down.
“Council has sought to cooperate and support the airfield where possible over a number of years, both providing funding for needed infrastructure and most recently in relation to the 2020 air show, and we continue to support the airfield in the important role it plays in our community”.
“On some points however, an independent legal ruling is required”.
As the responsible authority for the Tyabb Airfield, Council has a duty to provide clarity to the community about both current operations and future development plans.
The Shire also seeks to ensure fair and safe use of the Tyabb airfield, in a way which protects the amenity of residents and enables the continuing co-existence of the airfield in the community.
Ultimately Council is seeking the development of an airfield master plan, as recommended in the Tyabb Airfield Precinct Plan, and which has previously been supported in principle by the PAC, to provide clarity and certainty about current and future airfield operations.
Council has been seeking clarity for some time as evidenced in this quote from a VCAT appeal in 2011:
68        A review of the three permits and associated conditions indicates that there are potential conflicts between these conditions. Not the least being when and what aircraft may operate under the three permissions. The Council and PAC indicate that an omnibus permits is being contemplated. I would encourage this. It would provide clarity to all parties, the Council, PAC and community about the ongoing regulation of this land’s use.
Mayor Hearn and Cr Morris concluded “We hope this action finally brings clarity and certainty for all parties once and for all”.

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