Celebrate World Wetlands Day 50th Anniversary

Published on 22 January 2021

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When was the last time you experienced or explored our local wetlands? Peninsula residents are lucky to live near ground water dependent Tootgarook Wetland in Boneo and Capel Sound and coastal wetlands at Warringine Park in Bittern. These precious areas are home to many bird and animal species.
World Wetlands Day is celebrated internationally each year on 2 February. It marks the anniversary of the signing of the Convention on Wetlands of International Importance (Ramsar Convention) in Ramsar, Iran, on 2 February 1971.
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of World Wetlands Day the Shire, together with partners, is inviting you to come along to Boneo Park on Sunday 31 January. Discover and learn about the Tootgarook Wetland and the creatures calling it home. Enjoy guided walks, children’s activities and more.
You can also join us on World Wetlands Day on 2 February to connect with nature and discover Warringine Park with a guided walk.
Globally, we are in a growing water crisis threatening people and our planet. We use more water than nature can replenish. Most wetlands are being destroyed together with their ecosystems and all dependant life.
It’s time to stop destroying and start restoring our wetlands. You can help by:

  • Picking up after your dog
  • Joining a friends group
  • Not wasting water
  • Visiting and exploring our wetlands and sharing your knowledge with friends
  • Disposing of waste properly. Follow our waste disposal guide
  • Something wrong with our wetlands? Report it!

Local World Wetlands Day events:
Boneo Park, 312 Boneo Road
Sunday 31 January 2021, 8am – 2pm
Guided walks, guest speakers and children's activities. Gold coin donation.
Guided walk through Ramsar site of Westernport at Warringine Park
2 February 2021, 4 – 6pm
Meet at Salmon Street entrance to the estuarine wetland. Free event.
Quote attributable to Mayor Councillor Despi O’Connor:
Wetlands are a critical part of our natural environment. They provide habitat for animals and plants and many contain a wide diversity of life, supporting plants and animals that are found nowhere else.
“Our local wetlands are beautiful and unique. I encourage everyone to get out there and observe the teeming bird life, it really is an exciting sight!”

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