Be rewarded for preserving our local heritage

Published on 25 January 2023


If you’re all about uncovering the jewel in the junk heap and preserving our often-neglected local heritage places, these awards are for you!
Our 2023 Heritage Awards recognise projects and people in our community who’ve demonstrated excellence in the preservation, restoration, and reuse of heritage places on our Peninsula.

The awards are a joint program of the National Trust Mornington Peninsula branch and Mornington Peninsula Shire and this year we’re inviting nominations in the following five categories:

  • Restoration of a heritage place: have you brought back a building, landscape, wetlands, cemetery, monument, or heritage garden to its former glory?
  • Creative reuse of a heritage place: have you changed a disused heritage place and given it a different purpose?
  • Sustainability and/or greening of a heritage place: does your restoration demonstrate environmental sustainability?
  • Specialist heritage trade skills: are you a tradesperson who’s used specialist skills or traditional methods on a heritage place?
  • Excellence in interpretive signage: have you organised high quality signage to contribute to the heritage of our Peninsula? 

Nominations open on Monday 30 January and close on Friday 10 March 2023.

Visit our website and complete the simple online form. You will be prompted to describe how your nominated project, place or tradesperson demonstrated excellence in the award category. For more information visit:

Quote attributable to Mayor Councillor Steve Holland:
“These awards are a fantastic opportunity to recognise the exceptional people who’ve contributed to preserving our local heritage for the benefit of our whole community.”
Quote attributable to National Trust, Mornington Peninsula branch President, Victor Sullivan:
“The Mornington Peninsula branch of the National Trust is once again looking forward to participating in the annual Heritage Awards with the Shire. We urge the community to nominate.”



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