Australia Day Local Award Winners 2019

Published on 29 January 2019


Mornington Peninsula Shire has announced its 2019 Australia Day Award winners.

The winners are:

  • Citizen of the Year: Josephine Jones
  • Young Citizen of the Year: Kayla Shelbourne
  • Community Event of the Year: Mornington Peninsula Schools Environment Week
  • Bravery Award: Michael and Luke Treadwell
  • Lifetime Achievement Award: Heather Goddard
  • Community Inspiration Award: Colleen Mackay

Mornington Peninsula Shire Mayor Councillor David Gill said the Australia Day Awards celebrate the efforts made by members of the community to make the Mornington Peninsula an even better place to live and visit.

“On behalf of my fellow councillors and the communities of the Mornington Peninsula, I would like to congratulate and thank all winners and nominees for your commitment to our community,” said Councillor Gill.

About Josephine Jones – Citizen of the Year
Josephine Jones is working in her local township of Rye, and the Peninsula community, to reduce litter entering the Bay and protect marine life. She is currently focusing on reducing cigarette butt litter, and has delivered anti-litter education campaigns to schools, community groups and businesses in an effort to raise awareness about the harm litter and plastic can do. Her belief that every child deserves to experience the environment untouched underpins the work she does.

About Kayla Shelbourne – Young Citizen of the Year

Since starting her own non-profit organisation ‘For Kids, By Kids’ at the age of 16, Kayla Shelbourne has worked to break down stigma around youth mental health and prevent suicide in the community. Her volunteer efforts have included creating the organisation Chasing Change, running events like the Suicide Prevention Walk, held for the second year at Mornington Park in September. She’s also run suicide prevention workshops, and supported fundraising for headspace Frankston, Stepping Stones Foundation, Youth Beyond Blue, REACH and Suicide Prevention Australia.

About Mornington Peninsula Schools Environment Week – Community Event of the Year
Held over four days in March each year, Environment Week is the only event of its type in Victoria. It provides diverse, interactive learning experiences for students from kindergarten to Year 6, connecting children to their environment and encouraging actions for sustainable living. Organised by a committee of eight local volunteers with educational or environmental backgrounds, there are interactive exhibits focusing on science, history, indigenous studies and sustainability. The event attracts 2300 students, teachers and parents each year and has been running for over 35 years.

The Selection Panel in its consideration of nominations for the 2019 Citizen of the Year Award came to unanimous agreement that there were candidates who warranted consideration beyond the scope of the current award categories.  Based on the exceptional merits of these candidates, and in recognition of the significant contribution to the community, the Selection Panel unanimously agreed on three extra awards – a Bravery Award, a Community Inspiration Award and a Lifetime Achievement Award.

About Michael and Luke Treadwell  – Bravery Award

After observing a collision between two sailing crafts on Sunday 25 March 2018, Point Leo Lifesaving Patrol members Michael and Luke Treadwell launched a rescue mission. They located one person and eventually saved two other crew members further from the overturned vessel. Deciding an attempt to return to Point Leo was too dangerous, they sailed to Phillip Island and were met by Victoria Police and family members. At least two, and possibly three, lives were saved by their courageous rescue. The two have been recognized with the Lifesaving Victoria President’s Award and the Lifesaving Australia Meritorious Conduct Bronze medal. Michael and Luke have contributed 900 hours of voluntary beach patrol between including numerous rescues, first aid and preventative actions.

About Heather Goddard – Lifetime Achievement Award

Heather is a champion for both the natural environment and the people in her local community. Since 1991, her work has contributed to the development of the Balbirooroo Community Wetlands next to Balnarring Primary School, which provides a thriving habitat for indigenous flora and fauna and is part of the Balnarring Primary School curriculum, contributing to the school receiving a 5 star rating for sustainability. Her work has also contributed to the Balnarring and District Community Bank contributing $1 million across 123 Peninsula community groups. Her passion for young people has also included delivering a youth leadership program to year 10 students across the Peninsula.

About Colleen Mackay – Community Inspiration Award
Colleen’s voluntary work across the Peninsula has included establishing free book boxes, collecting donated items for families in need, sewing winter sleep sheets for homeless people and Boomerang Bags. She has organised events to bring together neighbours and women in Rye as well as volunteering at Seawinds Community Hub and at Southern Peninsula Community Information Centre, working with families in need. Her efforts help to connect the community by informing and educating, giving hope and dignity to those without and supporting anybody who is in need. 


PICTURE DETAILS: (L – R): Nepean Ward Councillor Hugh Fraser, Red Hill Ward Mayor Councillor David Gill, Mornington Peninsula Shire Council CEO John Baker, Young Citizen of the Year Kayla Shelbourne, Community Inspiration Award Winner Colleen Mackay, Community Event of the Year - Mornington Peninsula Schools Environment Week Organisers, Bravery Award Winner Michael Treadwell, Citizen of the Year Josephine Jones, Bravery Award Winner Luke Treadwell, Lifetime Achievement Award Heather Goddard, Nepean Ward Councillor Bryan Payne.  

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