Are you prepared for the fire season?

Published on 05 December 2022


Even though the weather has been more wet recently – it’s still important we start to think about bushfires, our properties and what we need to do to prepare.

If your grass is overgrown, your gutters filled with leaf litter and tree branches are strewn around your home – it’s time to do some maintenance and fuel reduction work.

We understand it’s been an incredibly difficult year to maintain your property and recent wild and wet weather has not helped as many more trees and branches have fallen, creating additional hazards.

Shire contractors continue to audit and undertake works on specific fuel management zones within our bushland reserves and on priority roadsides.

There is little doubt though, as summer approaches we will have hotter and drier conditions, making the task of clearing debris and fire hazards more urgent.

What you can do:

  • keep grass short
  • clear gutters of leaf litter
  • remove piled vegetation and other flammable items from around your home
  • cut back overhanging branches and prune shrubs
  • remove fallen and dry vegetation, including leaves, bark and twigs.

The CFA website has useful resources to assist you in preparing your property for a
If you need help with the maintenance of your property see our contactor list at

Quotes attributable to Mayor Councillor Steve Holland:
“Many have already started preparing their properties, but I’d like to remind those that haven’t had the opportunity – this task is more urgent now as summer approaches.

“Fuel reduction and clearing of weeds and vegetation on our properties and around our homes is an important part of being ready for fire season.

“Shire teams and subcontractors are working tirelessly on the clean-up of public land to ensure our reserves, roadsides and parks are safe.

“We look forward to working with the local community to ensure we are all well prepared for the upcoming fire season.”



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