AGL gas proposal – community information session

Published on 29 July 2020


Mornington Peninsula Shire will hold a second online community information session about the Environmental Effects Statement for the proposed new gas facility at Crib Point.
During this session, Shire officers will outline Council’s adopted position on the project and provide more information to help residents have their say on the project.
The Gas Import Jetty & Pipeline Project proposed by AGL and APA Group aims to increase the supply of natural gas to south eastern Australia. The proposal includes:

  • Permanently mooring a floating storage and regasification unit at the Crib Point Jetty, which will convert imported liquid natural gas (LNG) to a gaseous state
  • Constructing a new above ground receiving facility on land next to the Crib Point Jetty to receive the gas from the regasification unit
  • Constructing a 57 kilometre high-pressure gas pipeline to transport gas from Crib Point receiving to the Victorian Transmission System in Pakenham, to enable the gas to be distributed throughout Victoria and south-east Australia.

The project has a range of potential environmental, economic and social impacts, including on the protected Western Port Ramsar site, listed migratory species, listed threatened species and ecological communities.
Council does not have any decision-making powers with respect to this project. The decision on whether to go ahead with the proposal rests with the State and Federal Governments. Council will adopt a position and associated submission on the project at its August 17 Planning Services Committee meeting. Following the meeting, Council will lodge its submission with the State Government.
More than 120 residents tuned into the Shire’s first online information session on July 16, with hundreds more submitting questions. Council looks forward to a similar turnout to its second session.
Community information session:
 Wednesday 19 August 2020, 5–6pm
Go to this link and follow the instructions:
For more information on the project and on how to make a submission visit:
At the direction of the Victorian Minister for Planning, AGL and APA Group have prepared an Environment Effects Statement (EES) for the project. The EES details the range of potential impacts during construction and operation, and how the proponents intend to avoid, mitigate or manage these impacts.
The State Government has put the EES and associated approvals documentation on public exhibition until August 26. During exhibition, anyone can make a submission to the State Government to express their views on the project. Council is urging as many residents as possible to have their say.
Following the close of the EES exhibition period, an independent Panel hearing will be held later this year to consider all public submissions and make recommendations on the project. Anyone who makes a submission on the project during exhibition will be allowed to present their views to the Panel.
The Panel’s recommendations will be considered by the Minister for Planning in assessing the environmental effects of the project. The Minister’s assessment must then be considered by all decision makers when deciding on whether to approve the project. Decision makers for this project include the Victorian and Commonwealth Government.
On July 21 Mornington Peninsula Mayor Sam Hearn wrote to Planning Minister Richard Wynne requesting an immediate suspension to the EES exhibition until public health restrictions due to COVID-19 are sufficiently eased, and to extend the exhibition period for at least a further four weeks. The Minister has yet to respond to this request.

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