A resolution on Tyabb Airfield, once and for all

Published on 28 July 2021


Reaching an agreement on the Tyabb Airfield has a been an ongoing commitment between the Mornington Peninsula Shire and the Peninsula Aero Club (PAC). Despite reports to the contrary, both parties have maintained a productive working relationship that has yielded some positive outcomes including an agreement for the air show with a secondary consent permit for the next five years and secondary consent for emergency aircraft for the next five years. While both parties agree there is significant common ground there is also an acknowledgment that some issues remain unresolved.
Following discussions between the PAC and the Shire, it has been agreed that PAC’s VCAT application for a Declaration will provide clarity about the ongoing operation of the airport, thereby providing certainty for the airport operators, businesses and the community.
Additionally, the Shire has requested that the Minister for Planning withdraw the application for a C233 amendment to review the zoning over the airport, as the VCAT declarations will provide clarity over the Airport operations to end the matter. 

As the responsible authority, Council has a duty to provide clarity on all planning and permitting issues for the community and this has been the aim all along. Unfortunately, previous efforts to address the current confusion about PAC’s permits have created misunderstandings and frustration for the local community.

Clarity and certainty for the community and for the future of the airport and jobs, remains the collective focus and together the PAC and the Shire agree that a decision by the independent umpire will resolve this long running issue once and for all. 
Quotes attributable to Mayor Despi O’Connor:
“I want to thank the PAC, the community, former and current Councillors and officers for all their efforts in trying to reach a fair and workable resolution for all parties.”
“The interest and passion in all these conversations is an indication of how important the Tyabb Airfield is for the Peninsula.”
“While we have tried to reach an agreement amongst ourselves, we believe a decision by the independent umpire is the best avenue to resolve the long standing issues.”
Quotes attributable to Watson Ward Cr Paul Mercurio:
“I congratulate Council officers and the PAC for working closely together to secure secondary consent for emergency aircraft and the airshow for the next five years.” 
“I look forward to the opportunity for Council and the PAC to go to VCAT together to amicably reach a resolution.”
“A balanced, fair and workable outcome for the community, remains our focus. A decision by VCAT will allow all of us to move forward with certainty and clarity, something we will all welcome.”
Quote attributable to PAC President, Jack Vevers:
“We feel confident that this is the correct approach in resolving things and allowing everyone to get on with their lives and get back to work.”


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