A matter of life or death

Published on 21 October 2022


Forty-five minutes travel to Frankston hospital for acute and emergency care is not acceptable! People’s lives are at risk if they can’t receive care in a timely manner.
There is no doubt our health care professionals deliver exceptional care, but Rosebud Hospital was built more than 50 years ago, and the infrastructure is outdated and no longer meets current standards.
This means our main hospital is not able to meet the needs of our community, and patients are often forced to drive to Frankston and inner-city hospitals for specialist services and emergency care.
A new hospital at Rosebud must be a priority for the Victorian Government. The Mornington Peninsula’s population is steadily growing, and we also attract more than 8.5 million visitors throughout the year, putting additional pressure on the hospital.
The Peninsula community deserves better. Health care is an essential service and up to date infrastructure is absolutely necessary.
Mornington Peninsula Shire Council is advocating for a redeveloped hospital with more specialist services including:
∙ a new and expanded emergency and imaging department
∙ capacity for two new operating theatres
∙ new teaching and training precinct
∙ specialist outpatient spaces
∙ new inpatient wards
∙ contemporary medical services for chemotherapy, dialysis and infusion
∙ space for expansion as demand grows further.
The benefits to the Peninsula community include:
∙ more services closer to home
∙ reduced wait times for treatment
∙ less need to travel to Frankston or Melbourne for care
∙ jobs for residents and businesses
∙ modern facilities for patients and healthcare workers
∙ attract and retain talented healthcare staff
∙ improved patient health outcomes.
A redeveloped hospital could extend Frankston’s medical and education precinct to Rosebud. It would provide local opportunities for medical research, training, employment, skills and specialist services to meet the needs of the Peninsula community.
Join us in shouting out for the Peninsula. Shout out for a redeveloped hospital at Rosebud.
Demand better. Act now. Visit: mornpen.vic.gov.au/SHOUTOUT

Quotes attributable to Mayor Anthony Marsh:
"Our community deserves to have their essential healthcare needs met and it is completely unreasonable that we should have to travel to Melbourne or Frankston for this. Rosebud Hospital is clearly outdated and must be brought into the 21st century to accommodate our growing and ageing population."
"A redeveloped hospital would mean more specialist services and greater capacity for acute and emergency care closer to home, and would allow us to attract the best healthcare professionals to the Peninsula."



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