A fun and safe celebration for schoolies on the Peninsula

Published on 16 November 2021


Every year thousands of school leavers travel to the Peninsula to celebrate the end of 12 years of schooling. It has become a long-standing tradition and a rite of passage for students from schools all over Greater Melbourne to flock to the Rye foreshore. 

Previously, schoolies on the Peninsula has had no focal point for engagement or entertainment, resulting in masses gathering on the foreshore and private house parties. This approach has limited the ability for support services to supervise schoolies, occasionally leading to behavioural issues with minors and ‘toolies’ joining in.
This November, we are introducing a new approach to schoolies on the Peninsula. Together with a local event producer Hardware Group and media agency Bolster, we are hosting a ticketed event for school leavers who graduated in 2021 and 2020.
The last weekend of November will be one to remember for schoolies. A festival style event with live music, activities and food trucks will be held at a fenced-off area on the Rye foreshore.
The event is strictly ticketed, and only students who graduated in 2021 or 2020 will be allowed to participate and buy tickets. In line with public health advice, all attendees will be required to show proof of vaccination status upon entry. The fenced and gated area will have unlicensed and licensed zones, and patrons will have to provide ID to enter the licensed area inside the festival site.
The event will be supported by some of the industry’s leading producers, with extensive experience organising similar events.
We are working in partnership with Victoria Police, Ambulance Victoria, Red Frogs and Dance Wize to ensure the event will run smoothly and importantly, safely. Dance Wize and Red Frogs will have dedicated marquees inside the festival hub, ensuring access to important harm minimisation and support services. Security will be patrolling inside and outside the fenced off area.
Shuttle buses will give schoolies a safe and reliable way to get to and from the festival site.
Tickets will be priced at $40 for a single day and $70 for both days and can be purchased from @peninsulaschoolies on Instagram. Proof of age, vaccination status and school ID is required. Music programming will start at 3pm until 11pm Saturday 27 November and from 2pm until 10pm Sunday 28 November.
COVID-19 safety measures
All patrons must present proof of vaccination and must adhere to the State Government’s restrictions at the time of the event.
Quote attributable to Mayor Councillor Despi O’Connor:
“Council supports an organised, safe and fun event for schoolies on the Peninsula.
“We know schoolies choose to come to the Peninsula every year, and this year we want to make sure they can celebrate and make life-long memories in a safe environment.”
Quote attributable to Nepean Ward Councillor Sarah Race:
“I’m really excited that we are able to facilitate a safe and fun event this year. We’re expecting many school leavers to come down to the Peninsula due to border closures and for them to have this event to celebrate the end of schooling and new beginnings is fantastic.”
Quote attributable to Nepean Ward Councillor Susan Bissinger:
“This year’s school leavers have had it particularly tough, we are looking forward to welcoming them in big numbers to Rye this November, with a well organized, professionally run 2 day Music Festival that prioritises their safety.”

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