82 per cent want a cross Peninsula bus service

Published on 26 September 2022


The results are in and the message is clear – our community wants a cross Peninsula bus service.
Last week’s facebook poll by the Mornington Peninsula Shire showed that 82 per cent of respondents answered YES to the question:
Do you want a cross Peninsula bus service?
Incredibly in 2022, there is no cross Peninsula bus service. To get from Mornington across to Hastings, you have to travel to Frankston first and then to Hastings. This takes two hours!
These strong results mirror those of our 2020 Better Buses campaign where over 90,000 responses called for better bus services on the Mornington Peninsula.
Sadly, we still don’t have a cross Peninsula bus service!
(the facebook poll ran from Tuesday 20 – Thursday 22 September 2022. Total responses – 495)
Quotes attributable to Mayor, Anthony Marsh:

“Nearly two hours for a bus ride between Mornington and Hastings is unacceptable, particularly when it would take about an hour to ride a bike between the two towns. We demand better for our travelling community. Young people attending schools, elderly attending essential services and those without means to a private vehicle deserve to be able to get around and participate in daily life. We demand better from the Victorian Government – better and more frequent bus services and funding for the long-awaited electrification of the rail line beyond Frankton.” 

“Better public transport on the Peninsula would provide much needed opportunities for residents to connect to important activity centres in Hastings, Rosebud, Mornington and Frankston. These activity centres will not only be much more vibrant places with better and more frequent public transport options but will also experience economic benefit.



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