Share Our Beaches. Share Our Summer

Share Our Beaches. Share Our Summer

This summer when you are visiting Peninsula beaches, be sure to treat our precious environment with care and show respect for those around us.

Safe jet ski use on Peninsula beaches

Being the third largest coastal municipality in the state with 10% of Victoria’s coastline, marine and aquatic activity is extremely popular within the Peninsula by residents and visitors.

Due to population growth throughout all of Greater Melbourne, combined with increased visitation, there has been an increase in the usage of personal water crafts (PWC) along our coastline.

During the busy summer months, Peninsula beaches are shared by many swimmers and PWC riders, raising significant community concerns and safety issues.

As a part of the review and advocacy process being undertaken by the state government, Council will be assisting Victoria Police and Marine Safety Victoria with their surveillance and enforcement activities along the Shire’s beaches this summer.

The Shire’s Community Safety Officers will be doing regular beach patrols watching out for speeding and erratic operation of jet skis. They will also be encouraging good behaviour on our heavily used beaches. After all, summer is for everyone.

Council is calling on the Victorian Government to introduce a range of measures to address community and Council concerns regarding personal safety, amenity and threats to marine wildlife. To learn more visit the Future of our Foreshore page.

Dogs on beaches

Exercising your dog on the beach is a great way to get outdoors and have fun, however as our beaches get busier over summer, there are beaches where dogs may be prohibited or required to be on leash.

We’re working with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) and local Committees of Management to encourage residents to better manage dog behaviour and improve dog obedience at the following beaches:

  • Balnarring Beach Foreshore and Parks Reserve
  • Capel Sound Foreshore Reserve
  • Dromana Foreshore Reserve
  • Point King Foreshore Reserve
  • Point Leo Foreshore and Public Park Reserves
  • Shoreham Foreshore Reserve
  • Somers Foreshore Reserve
  • Whitecliffs to Camerons Bight Foreshore Reserves

Together with DELWP and local Committees of Management, we share a commitment to improving community safety, the enjoyment of coastal land and a consistent experience for dog owners.

New signage has also been installed throughout the Peninsula to help educate dog owners on their responsibilities on beaches and reserves.

Community Safety Officers will be patrolling regularly throughout the daylight savings period to ensure:

  • Dogs are leashed in all public areas (unless in a designated area)
  • Owners are collecting their dog’s litter
  • Owners are ensuring their dogs are behaving correctly in an off-leash area
  • Dogs are not on beaches during prohibited times

Your furry companion will reap the benefits and thank you later! The Shire will be rewarding responsible dog owners and well-behaved dogs with toys and litter packs. To see leash free areas on the Peninsula, visit the Leash-free areas page.

The Pillars, Mount Martha

Track closures and updated signage are among recent measures taken by the Shire to reduce erosion and warn visitors of cliff instability at The Pillars, Mount Martha.

Nearby streets will be patrolled regularly to monitor illegal parking and issue infringements where appropriate.

Keep in touch with the Shire by providing feedback by visiting The Pillars, Mount Martha page.

Smoking on beaches

The Shire is committed to taking steps towards a happier and healthier Peninsula. As such, throughout the summer period, the Shire will be auditing on smoking behaviour on our beaches.