Closure of Mornington Centrelink

Mornington Centrelink and MediCare.jpg

The Australian Government’s plan to replace the full-time Service Centre with an ‘agency’ service operating for a mere 15 hours a week represents a 62.5 per cent reduction in current hours of service.

Replacing a full-time Service Centre with a part-time ‘agent’ tasked with helping people use Centrelink’s online and telephone services means Mornington residents will receive a more limited range of services than they have previously had access to.

The people who need access to this important local essential service are some of our more vulnerable and disadvantaged community members who may not be able or comfortable to access online services. Many are non-drivers who will have to struggle with inadequate public transport to travel significant distances to Frankston or Rosebud on a regular basis to get the support they need.

You can help us to make a difference by signing the Mornington Community Information and Support centre's petition, urging the government to retain a Centrelink office in Mornington.

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Download: Mornington Centrelink fact sheet(PDF, 200KB)