Tootgarook: Wilkinson Street and Carmichael Street - Road Upgrade

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Mornington Peninsula Shire has completed a road upgrade project for Wilkinson Street and Carmichael Street in Tootgarook.

Wilkinson Street, between Burdett Street and Carmichael Street and Carmichael Street, between Wilkinson Street and Darvell Street was identified as a high priority site for upgrade under the Roads to Recovery Program.

The Roads to Recovery is a Federal Government program that provides funding to Local Government for renewal and upgrade of roads. The objective of Roads to Recovery is to contribute to the Infrastructure Investment Program through supporting maintenance of the nation’s local road infrastructure asset, which facilitates greater access for Australians and improved safety, economic and social outcomes. 

The following works were undertaken to assist with the upgrade of Wilkinson Street and Carmichael Street:

  • Rehabilitation and upgrade of the existing roadways, including the construction of kerb and channel
  • Formalisation of on street parking areas in the vicinity of Tootgarook Primary School
  • Installation of appropriate drainage to address the ongoing drainage issues
  • The introduction of a new roundabout at the intersection of Carmichael Street and Wilkinson Street
  • Installation of traffic calming including raised safety platforms at the existing school crossings and new speed cushions at each approach to the new roundabout 
  • Construction of a new footpath on the western side of Carmichael Street, between Wilkinson Street and the school crossing near Darvall Street. 


The project includes recycled content in both the road and footpath. In the road, 340 tonnes of Plastiphalt was laid, using approximately 1,200kg of plastic, equivalent to 430,000 plastic bags. In the footpath, Replas’ Polyrok was trialled for the first time in an exposed aggregate application. With up to 25kg of plastic in every cubic meter of concrete, this trial will investigate possibilities of inclusion in future footpath projects.

Works commenced in late 2020 and were completed in June 2021. 


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