Safety Beach: Tassels Cove

  • Project typeCliff Repair
  • Project value$643,000

The beach at Tassels Cove, approximately 200 metres long, extends from a granite headland at the north to the rock training wall at the south.

There are approximately 100 metres of cliffs at the North end of the beach that are eroding and being undercut by wave action – this means there is a high risk of a landslip occurring.

To mitigate this risk, the Mornington Peninsula Shire and Contek Constructions, will be implementing a long-term risk reduction for Tassels Cove. This includes construction of a rock revetment to stabilise the toe of the cliff and battering the face of the cliff back to reduce the risk of collapse. This project was broken down for delivery in two stages focusing on short and long term risk reduction for all users of the beach and walking track at Tassels Cove.

Stage 1 - Short term risk reduction works 

Works have been successfully completed on Stage 1.  Works included removing the topsoil from the top of the cliff and sieving it for Aboriginal artefacts; many artefacts were found and catalogued.  A long reach excavator then removed the unstable sections of the cliff face.  The material pulled from the cliff was then cement stabilised and compacted into the toe of the cliff to provide short term protection against further erosion.

Stage 2 - Long term risk reduction works

Cardno has been involved throughout this project, providing expertise in the coastal geotechnical environment. The review of potential options resulted in recommending a rock revetment as the best method to stabilise the toe of the cliff and battering the face of the cliff back to reduce the risk of collapse.

Detailed design has been completed and the contract for $643,000 has been awarded to Contek Constructions Pty Ltd.

All permits and exemptions have been obtained for the project to proceed.

Construction is anticipated to commence in August, with a 12-week construction period for works to be completed prior to December 2017.

During the construction period the leash free beach will be closed to public access for safety reasons. Where possible we will work with the contractor to open part of the beach outside normal working hours.

Visit the pet owner section of our website for details of other leash free beaches.

 Area of Works:

 Tassels Cove - Area of Works.jpg

 Typical Cross-section of works to be undertaken:

Tassels Cove - Typical Cross Section.jpg

Project Update - July 2017

Erosion to the toe of the cliff at Tassels Cove prior to stage 2 commencing.

 Tassels Cove - Erosion Prior to Stage 2.jpg


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