Rye & Sorrento: Dredging at Rye channel and Sorrento southern pier

The Shire will begin dredging at Rye and Sorrento in the week of 20 September to deepen the channel at Rye and around the Sorrento boat ramp’s southern pier, ensuring boats can safely access the ramps and piers.
Works are expected to take approximately six weeks total and are dependent on weather conditions.
The Shire is required to provide safe access for recreational watercraft using boat ramps and this includes dredging when the water becomes shallow due to sand movement.
Timing of works has considered several factors including minimising the impact on recreational water sport users, weather conditions and environmental factors including the migration of the spider crabs.  
Extensive consultation has been undertaken with marine ecology experts to ensure dredging occurs at the most appropriate time and with the least interference to sea life. 
A detailed environmental management plan has been developed to minimise impacts on the environment. Environmental impacts will be monitored while the works are undertaken. 
The State Government has approved the works under the Marine and Coastal Act and Parks Victoria has approved the environmental management plan for Rye. Final approval for Sorrento is pending.
When dredging begins, the sand removed from Rye and Sorrento will be used to replenish the nearby beaches suffering from sand decline. 
It is common for dredged sand to have a slight odour due to organic matter such as seaweed breaking down. The dark grey colour of the sand will lighten after a few days, once bleached by the sun.  


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