Rye: Point Nepean Road Footpath - Stage 2

  • Project typeRoads, Streetscapes & Footpaths
  • Project value$1.1 Million
point nepean road footpath - construction works 2.jpg

 Footpath works were completed in late 2018 with final landscaping works completed in May 2019. The project is now finished.

The missing link section of footpath between Canterbury Jetty Road and Minnimurra Road in Rye were identified as a high priority for construction within the Shire’s footpath construction strategy.

Due to the length of the project it was split into two stages.

Stage 1: Canterbury Jetty Road to Tyrone Boat Ramp Car Park. Constructed early 2017.

Stage 2: Canterbury Jetty Road to Minnimurra Road in Rye.

The design includes a 2-metre-wide exposed aggregate concrete footpath to match in with the stage 1 works as well as the existing footpath along Point Nepean Road in Blairgowrie.

Download: Point Nepean Road Rye Footpath Construction Stage 2 Detailed Plans.pdf(PDF, 15MB)


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