Mount Eliza: Sunnyside Beach Outlet Works

  • Project typeDrainage Rehabilitation
  • Project value$250,000
Sunnside Beach existing stormwater outlet.jpg

Works have been completed for this project.

Through the Mornington Peninsula beach outlet condition assessment, the Sunnyside Beach  drainage outlet had been prioritized for remedial works to address public safety and functionality concerns.

The drain was in poor condition, and was replaced with a similar structure in the same location.

Combined with these works, a grant was received from the Port Phillip Bay Fund to install a Gross Pollutant Trap onto the drain to improve water quality discharging into Port Phillip. 

The stormwater outlet has been replaced and the Gross Pollutant Trap (GPT) has been installed. The project has reached Practical Completion and is operating as designed.

 Baffle Box Stormwater treatment device.jpg


Sunnyside Road, Mount Eliza 3930  View Map

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