Sorrento: Settlers Cove Tennis Court Redevelopment

  • Project typeOpen Spaces and Reserves
  • Project value$340,000

The recreational tennis court located in Settler’s Cove in Sorrento provides the community with access for social play at any time of day via a booking sheet system located on site. 

The facility provides one fenced synthetic grass court (no lighting) and includes supporting infrastructure such as seating, BBQ and a shelter. The low-cost method employed to build the court originally leaves it exposed to on-going damage from adjacent vegetation causing problems for the playing surface.

Audits conducted in 2019 found the reconstruction of tennis courts at this site is a high priority due to public safety risks. The root systems from several mature trees alongside the court are causing undulations in the playing surface creating significant tripping hazards.

The tennis court at Settlers Cove is currently in the detailed design phase with delivery planned for the 2024/25 financial year.



Lady Nelson Drive, Sorrento 3936  View Map

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