Somerville: Grant Road Pedestrian Refuge

  • Project typeRoads, Streetscapes and Footpaths
  • Project value$100,000

This project prioritises pedestrian safety and accessibility in Somerville, a township identified for its road safety issues. It uses a safe system focus of constructing priority pedestrian facilities and linking with future speed reductions /treatments. This project also builds on the launch of the TAC Drive Safely Because Pilot Campaign in Somerville. Designs have been prepared for three key areas to separate pedestrians from vehicle traffic and link with the existing footpath network.

Project Outcome:

The main outcomes are:

  • Improve connectivity and integration of pedestrian footpath network in Somerville
  • Reduce pedestrian safety risks and improve accessibility for vulnerable road users.
  • Encourage active travel and improve access to community and education facilities.

Project Deliverables:

  1. Construction of safe pedestrian crossing facilities and connecting footpath on Grant Road

Works have now been completed on this project, with the community receiving a new pedestrian refuge on Grant Road which improves safety and accessibility for our Somerville Principal Pedestrian Network. The new pedestrian refuge links the busy commercial and residential areas and is part of a common pedestrian route used by families and school children. An extension to the proposed footpath was also constructed linking residents from 1/6 and 5/6 Grant Road Somerville to the newly constructed pedestrian refuge.


Grant Road Preliminary Plan(PDF, 5MB)

Any concerns or questions regarding the installation of this footpath & pedestrian refuge, please contact Customer Services via phone on 1300 580 600 or email at




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