Somers: Camp Hill Road Footpath

  • Project typeRoads, Streetscapes and Footpaths
  • Project value$600,000

Funding has been provided to design and construct a new shared footpath along the western side of Camp Hill Road Somers, from The Boulevard to Sandy Point Road.  The footpath will make going for a walk or a ride around Somers safer and easier. It will provide a path link from the Somers township to the existing shared path along Sandy Point Road. The project was identified in the Shire’s Pedestrian Access Strategy.

The project will be delivered in two stages:

Stage 1 - The Boulevard to R W Stone Reserve - Completed

The southern section (stage 1) from The Boulevard to R W Stone Reserve access road, intersection works at Florida Ave and Bonview Ave and the missing footpath link to the east side of Camp Hill Road from Zarah Court to the Somers Primary School have now been completed.

Stage 2 - R W Stone Reserve to Stony Point Road

The northern section (stage 2) will extend the path from R W Stone Reserve and link to Sandy Point Road. The detail design for the northern section has now been finalised and the tender process has been completed with the contract awarded. Construction works have commenced and are expected to be completed in April 2024.


Download: Footpath-Design-Stage-2-Camp-Hill-Road-Somers.pdf(PDF, 13MB)


Update: December 2023


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