Crib Point: Cresswell Street East - Development Contributions Plan

  • Project typeRoads, Streetscapes and Footpaths
  • Project value$1.8 million

The Creswell Street Crib Point East Development Contributions Plan requires new development and/or subdivision to pay a levy towards the cost of upgrading road and drainage infrastructure.

The Planning Amendment C210, rezoned land within Creswell Street, Crib Point (between 1 and 73 Creswell Street, Crib Point, except 2 Creswell Street) from Industrial 3 Zone to the Neighbourhood Residential Zone Schedule 1. This amendment also applied the Development Contributions Plan Overlay Schedule 1 to the abovementioned properties. This resultant Planning Amendment has required that Council complete the design and construction of new road, stormwater and other supporting infrastructure for the rezoned land.

Detailed design is underway. This will allow the project to proceed to tender and construction in the 23/24 financial year, subject to the provision of funding.



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