Rye Township Plan

Note: Public submissions on the Rye Township Plan have now closed. 

Council Officers and the project team are now considering all submissions received and a report will be presented to Council at an upcoming meeting for a final determination on the plan. The meeting is scheduled for 12 December 2017. 

To view answers to some commonly asked questions regarding this plan, please see the bottom of this page. 

The Rye Township Plan (the ‘Plan’) sets the strategic vision and direction for the improvement of the foreshore, streetscape and town centre of Rye.

The Plan amalgamates the previous draft Rye Foreshore Landscape Masterplan (2015) and draft Rye Movement and Place Plan (2016), as well as a review of the Rye Urban Design Framework Plan (2002). The Plan been through a thorough community consultation process to date. This has included two interactive design based community workshops, two online surveys as well as multiple meetings with key stakeholder groups. The feedback from this consultation (as well as a review of previous literature) has informed the draft Plan

The Plan is now out for public comment, for a period of 6 weeks. Council is keen to hear from the community about the projects proposed within the plan, as well as the preferred priority for implementation.

Some of the key projects and concepts proposed within the plan include:


  • Reconfigured car parking areas and increased open space;
  • Improved pedestrian links through the foreshore (completing the Port Phillip ‘Bay Trail’);
  • Partial relocation of foreshore camping from the eastern section of the township (between Lyons and Weir Street);
  • Vegetation management; and
  • Provision of a public plaza and promenade linking the pier to the centre of town.


  • Reduction in the width of Point Nepean Road to one lane in each direction with a vegetated median strip (however the intersections will remain wide, to accommodate the high traffic volumes);
  • Reduction in vehicle speed on Point Nepean Road to 40 kilometres per hour;
  • Increased footpath width along the commercial strip of Point Nepean Road;
  • Seasonal on-street parallel parking (which is removed during peak season to accommodate the increased footpath widths);
  • Separated on-road separated cycle paths (with safety buffers provided on either side of the cycle path);
  • Signalised pedestrian access to the foreshore; and
  • Increased street tree planting (with native and indigenous species).

Town Centre:

  • A ‘town square’ at the end of Napier Street (linking to the foreshore);
  • A ‘town park’ located opposite the square;
  • A laneway that provides for commercial activation to the rear of Point Nepean Road (providing a pedestrian link between Safeway and Napier Street);
  • A recommendation for ‘public domain guidelines’ to be prepared (which will guide the construction of all future public works); and
  • A recommendation for a Planning Scheme Amendment that rezones part of the town centre to Mixed Use zoning, as well as a Design and Development Overlay that controls built form outcomes (heights, materials, setbacks etc.).

Details of the Plan:

The scope of the plan is significant, so for more details please download the Rye Township Plan:

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Please note: submissions closed on Monday 2 October 2017


If you would like further information:

Contact the Property and Strategy Department

James Bryan - Urban Designer

Ph: 5950 1982 

Email: coastalplanning@mornpen.vic.gov.au


View the plan in person at Council’s Rosebud, Mornington or Hastings Offices  


Questions & Answers regarding Point Nepean Road:

Q: Will emergency vehicles be able to use Point Nepean Road?

A: Yes. This has been fully assessed in conjunction with VicRoads and the road is provided with an acceptable trafficable carriageway width (5.4m eastbound and 5.7m westbound) to allow vehicles to merge onto cycle lane and buffer zones to allow emergency vehicles to pass.

Q: What will be the impact of the Point Nepean Road sworks on the surrounding streets?

A: Point Nepean traffic reconfigurations have been designed to have acceptable levels of operation to avoid impact onto surrounding streets. A comprehensive VicRoads Smart Roads program has been undertaken with an extensive Network Fit Assessment report analysing the traffic proposals along with an updated Traffic Assessment for the RTP. These programs have involved VicRoads, PTV, Bus lines , Bicycle Network, DELWP and the Rye Beach Traders with analysis by a VicRoads accredited traffic engineering consultant to ensure a high level of confidence with the results

All signalised intersections will be modified to higher standard than existing now e.g. wider lane widths, additional turn lanes and improved signal phasing. Surrounding streets have limited capacity to attract further traffic and are not readily able to provide any improved through traffic function that would attract traffic from the arterial corridors.

Q:Will the proposed Point Nepean Road works increase traffic congestion on Point Nepean Road?

A: A comprehensive assessment of traffic proposals has been undertaken to gain VicRoads support for the reconfiguration of Point Nepean Rd. As above, Point Nepean traffic reconfigurations have been designed to have acceptable levels of operation to minimise congestion and to ensure the roadworks do not decrease the current functionality of the road. The proposal for traffic lane reconfiguration will achieve a significantly improved safety and accessibility for all road users including pedestrians and cyclists.

The proposed reduction of the number of traffic lanes from 2  to 1 is only between the signalised intersections and the road will essentially operate much the same at peak times as now, with the present outside westbound traffic lane acting as a parking manoeuvring lane with limited through traffic function. Also, the proposed removal of parallel parking during peak summer periods will effectively be more efficient for through traffic without the interaction with parking.

Traffic modelling (at peak times) has been carried out on the newly proposed Point Nepean Road configuration and the road is capable of handling significant volumes without increasing congestion beyond current levels. 

This section through the shopping centre has recently had 9 cyclist and pedestrian casualty crashes recorded in a 5 year period. The new proposal will have reduced conflicts from on street parking and accessing the foreshore especially at peak periods.

 The proposed streetscape works along Point Nepean Road will provide:

  • Redistribution and  provision of parking on the foreshore to facilitate enhanced foreshore activities and amenity.
  • Opportunity for improved and safer vehicle access to the foreshore car parks.
  • Opportunity for significant streetscaping enhancement to the strip shopping centre with wider footpaths and planted central medians.