Proposed Amendment of Road Management Plan

Road Management Plan 2016 – Proposed Amendment, advertised on public exhibition for 28 days in accordance with Section 54(6) of the Road Management Act 2004, and Regulation 10(1) of the Road Management (General) Regulations 2016. Council invites written submissions on the amendment.

Council invites your feedback on the draft amendment of this existing strategic document.

The purpose of the Road Management Plan (RMP) is to provide a transparent and network wide approach to managing the road network and associated infrastructure assets. It is a tool used to document the Council’s processes for inspection, maintenance and repair of its road network. It is also a risk management tool to protect the Shire against litigation arising from any incidents occurring due to defects on its road network.

The RMP does not obligate Council to improve its road network nor does it address other road related matters such as design and construction standards, traffic management or strategic planning issues.

A draft amended Road Management Plan was endorsed by Council at its meeting on 28 November 2017, for public exhibition. 

The proposed amendments incorporate the suggested improvements identified in the Shire’s RMP review report.

You can provide your feedback online (using the form below), by email, in person or by post.

We would welcome your feedback by 16 March 2018.

Proposed changes

The key improvements made in the draft amended document are:

  • changes to standards for inspection, maintenance and repair relating to vegetation, signs and street furniture including inspection frequencies and response times; and
  • miscellaneous administrative updates where required.

The amendments will ensure that the standards and priorities to be given to the inspection, maintenance and repair of the roads to which the Shire’s RMP applies (indicated in the Shire’s Register of Public Roads) are safe and efficient. Account is being taken of the needs, priorities and expectations of the Shire’s communities, relevant policies and available funding.

Future steps

Any person who is aggrieved by the proposed amendment may make a submission to the Shire. A Committee meeting to hear submissions in accordance with section 223 of the Local Government Act 1989 will be scheduled if one or more persons request to be heard in support of their submission.

A submission must:

  • be in writing, marked as ‘Proposed Amendment of Road Management Plan’ and addressed to: Senior Asset Management Officer (Roads), Mornington Peninsula Shire, Private Bag 1000, Rosebud 3939: or via email:; or online at ;
  • be received by 5:00pm Friday 16th March 2018
  • state clearly whether you (or a representative on your behalf) wish to be heard in support of your written submission.

Following the public exhibition period, and any subsequent hearings, Council will consider all feedback.  Following this, a final updated Plan will be presented to Council for adoption.

Have your say:

Online: Using the form below. If there is insufficient space provided below, please email using the provided email address.


Peter Clewer (Senior Asset Management Officer – Roads)
Mornington Peninsula Shire
Asset Management
Private Bag 1000
Rosebud VIC 3939 

Submissions should be clearly marked ‘Submission on Proposed Amendment of Road Management Plan’

Download: Proposed Amended Road Management Plan(PDF, 2MB)

Download: Road Management Plan Review Report(PDF, 592KB)

Download: Register of Public Roads(PDF, 25MB)

Hard copies are also available in Shire offices at Rosebud, Mornington, Hastings and Somerville offices.

Make a submission:


Submissions received, including the name of the submitter, may be published on Council’s website and may form part of the public record of the relevant Council and Committee meetings. Personal information, including contact details, and any offensive, defamatory or third party personal information will not be published. You may access personal information you have provided to the Shire at any time and make corrections. Our Privacy Policy can be found at  If you have any concerns about the use and disclosure of your personal information please contact the Shire’s Privacy officer at