Rye Urban Design Guidelines

Consultation update
Thank you for your feedback, consultation on the draft Rye Urban Design Guidelines has  closed.  Council will now finalise the draft Guidelines , taking into account all feedback received.

Mornington Peninsula Shire is reviewing existing conditions of the Rye commercial centre and has developed draft Urban Design Guidelines to provide clear design guidance for future development of private land within the Rye commercial core.

The guidelines will protect the low scale coastal character of Rye and result in stronger building design controls for the township’s commercial centre, such as heights, setbacks, materials and other design details. 

As set out in Council’s Rye Township Plan, this is part of our broader strategy to support future design and development in the area, while looking after Rye’s existing culture and environmental identity. 

Residents and businesses were invited to have a say on Mornington Peninsula Shire’s the Draft Rye Urban Design Guidelines.

Two options are being considered (see below).

Both options seek to retain the valued ‘village’ character of the Rye Commercial Core and to retain the existing vista of the commercial core from the Rye Foreshore/Pier of buildings set within a backdrop of canopy vegetation, with the skyline defined by vegetation rather than buildings or signage.

Option 1:

Option 1 seeks to enable heights of up to three storeys in the majority of buildings within the commercial centre of Rye, with four storeys proposed for the Rye Hotel and Rye supermarket sites.

Download: Option 1 Map(PDF, 369KB)

Option 2:

Option 2 seeks to place a two storey height limit on all buildings within the commercial centre of Rye as well as the residential periphery.

Download: Option 2 Map(PDF, 7MB)

Read more about the Rye Township Plan(PDF, 76MB)

Download: Rye Urban Design Guidelines(PDF, 30MB)