Kaufland store Mornington Gateway

The Victorian Minister for Planning the Hon Richard Wynne has removed the decision making power from your elected Councillors to an Advisory Committee of three people he has appointed. The state government will now consider an application for a major supermarket development on the gateway site to Mornington.

The Mornington Peninsula Shire has released a community awareness issues paper for local residents to keep them informed of the matters related to the 4,000 square metre supermarket to be assessed against the existing local planning scheme.  

 The community awareness paper raises the following issues: 

  1. The proposed location is on the border of the Green Wedge and will destroy the prominent entry gateway to Mornington which has a setback of 90 metres and landscaping to reflect the environmental entry.
  2. The current plans envisage minimum landscaping and turning the 90-metre setback into a 430-vehicle car park with less than a 20-metre strip of landscaping.

  3. A 20-metre-high and 60-metre-long advertising sign on top of the building will permanently dominate the 'green' gateway skyline of the entry into Mornington. 

  4. The establishment of such a major retail site on industrial land outside the Mornington Activity Centre could have a major impact on the retail economy within the Mornington Village and result in vacant shops down Main Street.

  5. The proposal will cause major traffic congestion on Oakbank Road and create a 'rat run' through the local streets causing more congestion on Bungower Road. 

To read more about Council's position on this matter, read our issues paper.

Download: Kaufland store for Mornington Gateway - issues paper(PDF, 1MB)

Advisory Committee process

Submissions to the Advisory Committee are now closed. 

The Kaufland Stores in Victoria Advisory Committee process for Group 2 sites including the Mornington site concluded on Tuesday 2 April 2019.

The Committee now has 20 business days to prepare its report for the Minister. There is no set time frame in which the Minister needs to make a decision.

Information regarding the Kaufland proposal are made available on the State government website for review, view the Panels Victoria Hearing Timetable

Council will provide a community update once a decision has been made by the Minister. 

Community Meeting 

Following the closure of the formal exhibition period on 1 February 2019, Mornington Peninsula Shire invited residents and stakeholders to a Community Meeting regarding Council’s submission to the State government’s Kaufland Stores in Victoria Advisory Committee process.

The meeting was held at 4pm, Thursday 14 February at Mornington Peninsula Shire Council Chambers, Queen Street, Mornington. 

At the Community Meeting, the community received an update on the Advisory Committee process, the proposal and Council’s submission to the Kaufland Stores in Victoria Advisory Committee. 

If you have a question about the meeting or process you can email: Strategic.Admin@mornpen.vic.gov.au or phone 5950 1010

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