Flinders Civic Hall Concept Plans

A message from our Mayor

As most of you may be aware, the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council has committed to seeking feedback from the Flinders Community and surrounding townships on a range of strategies and projects, e.g. the Arts and Culture Plan and the Coastal Villages and Neighbourhoods Strategy.

Council has also been working closely with a range of key stakeholders in the redevelopment of the Flinders Civic Hall.

During the initial community and stakeholder consultation process, it has become clear that this project presents a range of opportunities to make this more than just a building refurbishment. It has provided an opportunity to assess the services and activities needs and gaps and what else should be considered as part of a broader conversation.

Some of the key themes and messages received so far include the following:

  • Be bold and brave in developing a new facility for Flinders and surrounding areas;
  • Enhance the flexibility of the design to incorporate the indoor and outdoor spaces;
  • Build a new facility that will meet the needs of the community of the next 50 years;
  • Provide spaces to attract increased participation for all types of activities;
  • Simply renewing the existing building will not lead to increased patronage;
  • The current building is past its useful life and no longer fit for purpose;
  • Explore the opportunity to create a Community Hub, not just a Hall upgrade;
  • Encourage participation opportunities for all ages and abilities.

More broadly, from a precinct or township perspective, feedback related to any redevelopment should:

  • Be complimentary to the local character of the township;
  • Not lead to an over-development philosophy;
  • Maintain open space opportunities for locals and visitors to meet and recreate.

Shire Mayor and Red Hill Ward Councillor David Gill

Help shape the future of Flinders Civic Hall

We’ve taken on board a lot of the above feedback and now have two concepts for a new and improved community facility in Flinders.

We recently invited the community to view and provide feedback on these two concept plans. Following the provision of this feedback, Council will consider findings and decide whether to progress the project/next steps.

View the site and floor plans for the two concepts below.

Option 1
Includes improvements to support existing activities and facilitate new programs e.g. meeting rooms for group activities (similar to those offered at typical neighbourhood houses).

Download: Proposed Site Plan - Option 1(PDF, 537KB)
Download: Proposed Floor Plan - Option 1(PDF, 335KB)

Option 2
Includes the integration and upgrade of the Flinders Preschool as part of the development of a Community Hub model for service provision.

Download: Proposed Site Plan - Option 2(PDF, 549KB)
Download: Proposed Floor Plan - Option 2(PDF, 418KB)