Better Buses

Better Buses

Mornington Peninsula Shire invited public feedback on the poor provision of public transport on the Peninsula and the impact this has on people’s lives.

The Problem

  • 82% of the Peninsula is not serviced by public transport.
  • The Shire has the second lowest provision of public transport out of the 31 councils in the Melbourne metropolitan area.
  • 2 out of 3 major activity centres on the Peninsula are not serviced by rail; the third has a diesel service on a limited timetable.

The Impact

  • The lack of public transport options impacts on the community in different ways according to their needs and stages of life (e.g. young, elderly, people with disabilities); the campaign will draw out the ways these different impacts manifest;
  • Due to the lack of public transport on the Peninsula, our residents are almost six times less likely to travel to work by public transport than Greater Melbourne;
  • A mere 3% of Shire residents take public transport to work, compared with 15% across Greater Melbourne.

 The Solution

  •  A fully integrated smart technology bus network, with specific routes and improvements identified as per Council’s position. 

You can find more information on our Better Buses web page here.