Have Your Say: Southern Peninsula Youth Hub Preferred Site

Mornington Peninsula Shire is looking to build a new Youth Hub in Rosebud. The current site (1 Nepean Plaza, Rosebud) is limiting in space and as a result doesn’t adequately service the needs of the young people on the Southern Peninsula.

Current data highlights young people living in Rosebud and the Southern Peninsula are accessing services and programs at lower rates than expected, and many vulnerable young people are missing out on the services and supports they need.

As a result, there is significant health inequality. In particular, young people on the Southern Peninsula have relatively high rates of:

  • depressive symptoms
  • road trauma
  • youth suicide and self-harm
  • early school disengagement
  • homelessness
  • family violence
  • housing insecurity
  • high levels of young people not in employment, education or training.

This places significant social and financial pressure on the local community and service sector. Evidence shows an accessible youth-friendly site, offering an integrated model of primary, secondary and tertiary services, delivers the best outcomes for young people and their families.

The proposed Integrated Youth Services Hub is expected to deliver the following outcomes for young people in Rosebud, the southern peninsula and surrounding areas:

  • A fit-for-purpose youth-friendly site, from which youth service providers can co-locate and/or in-reach to provide an integrated range of services and programs for young people, including health, mental health, education, training and recreation services and programs.
  • Improved health and wellbeing outcomes for young people, including: reduced the risk of suicide, a reduction in days absent from school, an increase in young people in vocational training or further education.
  • Improved access to a range of services, programs and activities, in particular to services and programs which are currently only available to young people in Frankston or Dandenong.
  • Increased engagement by young people in a range of services, activities and programs which improve their health and wellbeing, and reduce social isolation.
  • Increased access to primary care and specialist services for young people living Rosebud and the southern peninsula, resulting in improved health and wellbeing, and healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Increased access to and engagement in creative activities through cultural programs.
  • Increased opportunities for young people to access learning and education opportunities, particularly by young people who have disengaged from school, vocational education and employment.
  • The creation of seamless referral pathways and shared care for vulnerable young people between services operating from the Hub.
  • Increased ability to wrap services around vulnerable young people and offer shared care in their local area and in a safe space.
  • Increased collaboration and cooperation between services, schools and other stakeholders including opportunities for secondary consultations, shared care and resource sharing, resulting in better outcomes for vulnerable young people.
  • Enhanced training and education opportunities for young people, delivered through Hub which are then transferred in to the local workforce. 

Mornington Peninsula Shire is currently inviting the community to comment on the preferred site for the Southern Peninsula Youth Hub.

At its Council Meeting on 10 December 2019, Mornington Peninsula Shire Council resolved that the preferred site for the development of the Southern Peninsula Youth Hub is a facility on the Olympic Park Reserve site (incorporated with or next to the Rosebud Soccer and Baseball Pavilion) in Rosebud.

Feedback is welcome until 5pm Wednesday 11 March. 

Proposed site:

Southern Peninsula Youth Hub Aerial Photo

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