Have Your Say: Rye Urban Design Guidelines

Residents and businesses are invited to have a say on Mornington Peninsula Shire’s Draft Rye Urban Design Guidelines.
Two options are being considered for the built form controls in Rye and Council would like your input as to which option you prefer. 
Mornington Peninsula Shire is reviewing the existing conditions of the Rye commercial centre and has developed draft Urban Design Guidelines to provide clear design guidance for future development of private land within the Rye commercial core.
The draft Guidelines will not only protect the low scale coastal character of Rye but will also result in stronger building design controls for the township’s commercial centre, such as heights, setbacks, materials and other design details. 
This project is the first step in introducing new planning controls for the central commercial area of Rye.
As set out in Council’s Rye Township Plan, this is part of our broader strategy to support future design and development in the area, while looking after Rye’s existing culture and environmental identity. 

Rye Options

There are two options being considered for the built form controls within the commercial centre of Rye. We would like to know which option you prefer.

Both options seek to retain the valued ‘village’ character of the Rye Commercial Core and to retain the existing vista of the commercial core from the Rye Foreshore/Pier of buildings set within a backdrop of canopy vegetation, with the skyline defined by vegetation rather than buildings or signage.

Option 1:

Option 1 seeks to enable heights of up to three storeys throughout the majority of buildings within the commercial centre of Rye, with 4 storeys proposed on the Rye Hotel and Rye supermarket sites.  These two sites are large landholdings in single ownership that can accommodate increased building height whilst retaining the valued ‘village’ character of the Rye Commercial Core and views through to canopy vegetation. Enabling increased height in these locations will help to accommodate Rye’s forecast population and commercial floor area growth projections in a manner that allows the other areas of Rye to experience more incremental change.   The heights are proposed to be mandatory height controls, meaning developers will not be able to exceed them. These mandatory controls are supported by the built form analysis in the Rye Urban Design Guidelines.

To ensure the village character of Rye is maintained, it is proposed that in the commercial centre, the street wall height of buildings is restricted to double storey (up to 8.5m) with a 5 metre upper level setback at the third storey.  For the Rye Hotel and Rye supermarket sites where 4 storeys are proposed, the fourth storey must not be seen above the parapet of the third storey in when standing on the opposite street footpath.

Download: Option 1 Map(PDF, 369KB)

Option 2:

The second option seeks to place a 2 storey height limit on all buildings within the commercial centre of Rye as well as the residential periphery.  This option seeks to maintain building heights at a consistent low level across the township.  However, it does not enable additional housing to accommodate the forecast increase in population in Rye. In this option, the height controls would be discretionary not mandatory meaning they can be varied by developers. This is because the urban design analysis undertaken as part of the Rye Urban Design Guidelines has shown that 3 – 4 storeys can be supported in the commercial centre of Rye.  There is therefore no justification for applying mandatory 2 storey height controls to the area.

In this option consideration was given to increasing building heights in the area between Nelson Street and Collingwood Street from 2 storeys to 3-4 storeys recognising the cluster of civic and public uses in the area and the increased activity and housing options increased density could bring to the area.  Increased heights in this area could help to create a ‘civic hub’ precinct that extends from the Rye Pier down Napier Street. However, given that in this option, the commercial centre of Rye has a 2 storey height limit, as do the surrounding residential areas, this option was not pursued. To do so would have resulted in a 3-4 story precinct directly abutting the 2 storey commercial core and 2 storey residential periphery.  This would result in the existing vista of the commercial core from the Rye Foreshore/Pier of buildings set within a backdrop of canopy vegetation, with the skyline defined by vegetation rather than buildings being lost.  It is therefore proposed that this precinct retain its 2 storey height limit. In the residential periphery, building heights will remain at 2 storeys. 

Download: Option 2 Map(PDF, 7MB)

Read more about the Rye Township Plan

Download: Draft Rye Urban Design Guidelines(PDF, 28MB)

Community consultation opens Friday 1 November 2019 and closes 5pm Sunday 15 December 2019.
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