Have Your Say: Green Wedge Management Plan 2018

Mornington Peninsula Green Wedge Management Plan 2018 - Initial Consultation – Have Your Say

The rural area of the Mornington Peninsula – known as the “Green Wedge” is one of the Peninsula’s most distinctive and valued features. The Green Wedge has been protected from urban sprawl and inappropriate development by planning policies going back more than 40 years.

In addition to the Shire’s Planning Scheme provisions, and in accordance with State government policy, in 2012, Council adopted the first interim Green Wedge Management Plan to address a range of issues relating to the Green Wedge. This interim Plan is now under review, with the intention to produce an up to date 2018 Mornington Peninsula Green Wedge Management Plan.

At this stage, a number of background discussion papers have been produced on key issues facing the Green Wedge and Council is seeking to provide landowners and members of the public with an opportunity to provide initial comments on matters relating to the Green Wedge and its proper future management.

You may wish to comment on matters outlined in the background papers or raise other issues for consideration. However, the Green Wedge Management Plan is not intended to change the Urban Growth Boundary or rural subdivision controls and the state-wide provisions for Green Wedge land (Clause 57 of the Planning Scheme) also continue to apply.

The interim 2012 GWMP and the background discussion papers are available through the links provided below and are also available for inspection at the Council offices in Hastings, Somerville, Mornington and Rosebud. Initial comments/submissions are invited until Thursday 5 April 2018. Please see below for details on how to make a submission. 

Once this initial consultation period is completed, a draft Plan will be prepared and exhibited for further public comment, with a view to the finalisation and adoption of a Plan by Council later this year.  

Anyone wishing to make an initial verbal submission to Council may also attend a Forward Planning Committee meeting to be held on the 21 March 2018, at the Rosebud Offices of Council, Besgrove Street, Rosebud, commencing at 6.30 pm.

Speakers are generally given a short period to address Council (three minutes), although this time may be extended by Council, depending on the issues and the number of persons who wish to be heard.

Please register your interest in attending the meeting by sending an email to: planning@mornpen.vic.gov.au or by contacting Planning Support on 5950 1010.

Mornington Peninsula Green Wedge Management Plan 2018

Since the early 1970’s State planning policy has sought to protect the Mornington Peninsula Green Wedge from urban sprawl and inappropriate development. The Green Wedge is seen as an area with a role that is different from other parts of the Melbourne metropolitan region, particularly the residential Growth Areas, but one that is critical to the future quality of life enjoyed by all Melbourne’s residents. Equally, Council’s vision seeks to value, protect and improve the unique characteristics and way of life on our Peninsula, and the Green Wedge is a critical part of this vision. In this context, the main purposes of the Green Wedge can be summarised as follows:

  • Conservation of the natural environment and biodiversity.
  • Protection of landscape quality and rural character.
  • Ensuring opportunities for informal outdoor recreation.
  • Supporting agriculture and farming.
  • Providing for tourism and leisure based use and development.
  • Accommodating rural living (dwellings in the rural area) on existing lots.

The Green Wedge Management Plan seeks to achieve all of these purposes, protecting the key assets of the Green Wedge and providing policies which will manage future land use and development pressures.

Council adopted its first interim Green Wedge Management Plan in September 2012 and has also adopted a policy in relation to dwellings and dwelling extensions in the Green Wedge Zone, emphasising the need for a farm management plan and/or land management plan to form part of all dwelling applications. Council is now reviewing the interim Plan with a view to producing an up to date 2018 Green Wedge Management Plan. As part of this review process a number of background issue papers have been produced in relation to six major themes:

  • Subdivision, dwellings, rural living and townships
  • Biodiversity and natural systems conservation
  • Agriculture, agribusiness and agri-tourism
  • Landscape, recreation and heritage
  • Tourism and leisure based development
  • Infrastructure in the Green Wedge

Key points noted in these background papers include:

  • There are relatively few lots in the Green Wedge that do not already contain a dwelling. Council policy requires either a farm management plan or habitat conservation/enhancement plan as part of all new dwelling applications and it is proposed to retain this requirement. Council seeks to ensure that approved plans are implemented and that future owners are aware of these obligations. 
  • The Mornington Peninsula remains an area of international, national, State and local conservation significance. The cooperation of private landowners is crucial to maintaining environmental quality and the Shire seeks to support actions by landowners to protect and promote biodiversity and the health of our environmental systems. This includes maintaining and enhancing the level of vegetation cover on the Peninsula over time.
  • Agriculture and farming are key land uses with the Green Wedge and are likely to become even more important in the future. Council proposes a position which supports agriculture to the extent consistent with maintaining the environmental and landscape values. Council particularly seeks to protect highly productive farmland from residential encroachment/conversion. Council also seeks to support opportunities for farmers to sell their produce locally and engage in other forms of agri-tourism.
  • Given the projected growth of Melbourne’s population, a key role of the Mornington Peninsula is to provide for the future recreational needs, particularly in regard to activities that are related to the enjoyment of the natural landscape and environment, rural pursuits and cultural heritage. It is recommended that Council seek State government support for preparation of a Green Wedge Recreation Plan to identify future needs, funding sources and management.
  • The Mornington Peninsula is renowned for its outstanding rural landscapes. The landscapes and rural character of the Peninsula are highly valued by both local residents and visitors. To better protect landscape character, it is proposed to review the management of road side vegetation and to undertake a new landscape character study.
  • Tourism and leisure based development, which attracts both visitors to the Peninsula and residents, is an important sector of the local economy. However, there is a need to provide a clear framework for future development to avoid loss of rural character. It is proposed to strengthen the required connection between all tourism based development and environmental, agricultural and recreational purposes of the Green Wedge. A dispersed pattern of tourism development is preferred to concentration in nodes or strips, and the ability to set different minimum standards for different areas is also discussed.
  • Infrastructure involves all of those services and facilities which provide the necessary foundation for all other activities. There are a range of existing plans and strategies related to infrastructure provision and maintenance. The sections of the GWMP relating to infrastructure are mainly concerned with addressing the potential impact of infrastructure decisions on the key values of Green Wedge.

Download the 2012 Interim Green Wedge Management Plan: Interim Green Wedge Management Plan

View: Council policy in relation to Dwelling and Dwelling Additions within the Green Wedge Zone.

Download the 2018 Background Issues Papers:

Background: Agriculture, Agribusiness and Agritourism(PDF, 650KB)

Background: Biodiversity and Natural Systems Conservation(PDF, 490KB)

Background: Infrastructure in the Green Wedge(PDF, 575KB)

Background: Landscape Recreation and Heritage(PDF, 628KB)

Background - Subdivision, dwellings, rural-living and townships(PDF, 580KB)

Background - Tourism and leisure-based development(PDF, 602KB)

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Email: stratplanprojects@mornpen.vic.gov.au; or phone 59 50 1448

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