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‘Cross Peninsula’ and ‘On Demand’ bus service

Public transport plays a vital role for many residents and visitors on the Peninsula. 

It connects our younger people with education and employment opportunities, and it allows our ageing population to continue to live independently, connecting them with job, education, medical appointments, shops and social activities.
During the busier summer months, public transport benefits our visitors who are looking to explore our beautiful Peninsula.
We want to hear from our local residents and tourists about your thoughts on a ‘Cross Peninsula’ bus service and an ‘On Demand’ summer bus service:
  • Have you ever though a ‘Cross Peninsula’ bus service would benefit you? Where would you go to and from? What would you utilise this service for? Your thoughts can help us make travelling throughout the Peninsula better
  • What would an ‘On Demand’ summer bus service look like? Over the busy summer period, this service could provide much more flexibility than traditional services, to help residents and tourists get to local shops, visit other townships, see sights, travel between wineries and more.
We want your insights on whether a service like this would benefit you, as well as where and how you would use it.

Community consultation is currently open and closes 5pm Friday 31 January 2020.

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Better Buses

Mornington Peninsula Shire is also inviting public feedback on the poor provision of public transport on the Peninsula and the impact this has on people’s lives.

The Problem

  • 82% of the Peninsula is not serviced by public transport.
  • The Shire has the second lowest provision of public transport out of the 31 councils in the Melbourne metropolitan area.
  • 2 out of 3 major activity centres on the Peninsula are not serviced by rail; the third has a diesel service on a limited timetable.

The Impact

  • The lack of public transport options impacts on the community in different ways according to their needs and stages of life (e.g. young, elderly, people with disabilities); the campaign will draw out the ways these different impacts manifest;
  • Due to the lack of public transport on the Peninsula, our residents are almost six times less likely to travel to work by public transport than Greater Melbourne;
  • A mere 3% of Shire residents take public transport to work, compared with 15% across Greater Melbourne.

 The Solution

  •  A fully integrated smart technology bus network, with specific routes and improvements identified as per Council’s position. 

You can find more information on our Better Buses web page here.

The community is encouraged to submit their thoughts below.

How to have your say

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Feedback forms and postcards are also available to complete in hard copy at the Shire’s offices in Rosebud, Mornington and Hastings. Or phone us on 5950 1617 to have a hard copy sent to you.


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