Have Your Say: Balnarring Township Structure Plan

Have Your Say

The project began in late September 2018 with visioning workshops held with the community and targeted stakeholder engagement to identify themes and objectives to help develop the Draft Somerville Township Structure Plan.

What is this project about?

This project is about identifying the current and emerging issues, and opportunities that relate to Balnarring township, and developing a structure that would provide for the form of development, land use and key services, among other things, that are appropriate to the vision for the township.

Why is this project needed?

A key challenge for the Shire is the need to balance the demands for urban growth and the preservation of the natural landscape and rural activity on the Peninsula. An approach widely used to manage such a challenge is to prepare a structure plan for each township.

A structure plan is a planning tool that sets out a vision for the future land use and development of a place. It guides land use and development towards the vision by establishing a planning and management framework with environmental, social and economic objectives. A key aspect of the structure planning process is the reliance on community feedback in developing the vision and objectives for a place.

The Shire has already completed separate structure plans for Mornington, Rosebud and Hastings. It now seeks to prepare a plan for Balnarring township to ensure that the special and unique values of the township remain protected while accommodating appropriate development.

Project Status

The Shire has appointed planning consulting firm ‘Plan2Place’ to undertake the required project tasks. Project inception took place on Monday 17 September 2018. Background research followed by data collection and analysis to inform the draft structure plan are currently underway.

It is important that the structure plan is developed with the community and key stakeholders to capture and enhance the attributes of the township that are most valued, improve various aspects of the township, and develop a vision to guide land use and development in Balnarring into the future.

Further Information:
If you wish to discuss the project or have any questions, please email strategic.planning.projects@mornpen.vic.gov.au or phone Planning Support on 5950 1010. 


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