Expression of Interest: Coastal Advisory Groups

Following the reactivation of Coastal Advisory Groups (formally Foreshore Advisory Groups), Mornington Peninsula Shire is seeking Expressions of Interest (EOI) to join a Coastal Advisory Group for the following coastal areas:

  • Flinders
  • Hastings
  • Mornington
  • Mount Martha
  • Mount Eliza
  • Portsea
  • Rosebud
  • Rye
  • Safety Beach
  • Sorrento

Coastal Advisory Groups are regarded as a key point of contact with the community on issues relating to the future planning and management of the Shire’s coastal areas. 

In appointing a Coastal Advisory Group, the Shire will aim to achieve balanced representation from the local community and other users of the coast with relevant skills and interest.

Functions of Coastal Advisory Groups include:

  • Assisting the Shire in the protection, future development and enhancement of coastal areas
  • To share valuable local knowledge and history
  • To participate in strategic planning for the coastal area, including the preparation, consultation, implementation and evaluation of Coastal and Marine Management Plans, Masterplans, Precinct Plans and other relevant documents relating to coastal planning and management
  • To participate in the monitoring, review, evaluation and appropriate regular adjustments to existing strategic plans and strategies
  • To act as a key link to the local community and key stakeholders on coastal matters related to the coastal area for which they are appointed.

Coastal Advisory Groups are part of Council's commitment to protecting and enhancing the Mornington Peninsula's biodiversity and coastal experience, as set out in our Council Plan 2017 – 21.

Council is committed to community-based Coastal Advisory Groups to advise and assist Council in the use or development, planning, management, protection and enhancement of the Shire’s coastlines for both current and future generations to appreciate and enjoy. 

In accordance with the June 2019 Terms of Reference, at Section 5.5, when an EOI is assessed the following will be considered: 

  • Providing new members the opportunity to join established Advisory Groups
  • Skills, local knowledge and relevant expertise and experience
  • Previous attendance records
  • Previous and current community engagement
  • Knowledge of relevant plans, strategies and other key guiding documents relevant to the future planning of the area; and
  • Other key stakeholder groups that applicants may be affiliated with.

Please note: previous members appointed to a Foreshore Advisory Group must complete an EOI to be considered for a formal appointment on a Coastal Advisory Group.

EOI submissions open Tuesday 25 June 2019 and close Monday 5 August 2019

View a copy of the Terms of Reference - Coastal Advisory Group - Adopted 11 June 2019(PDF, 165KB)

EOI forms may be submitted online:

Submit your EOI online

EOI forms may be submitted by mail addressed to:

Mornington Peninsula Shire Council
Attention: Jeska Dee
Coastal Advisory Group EOI
Private Bag 1000

Or via email to:

Further information: contact the Shire’s Strategic Planner (Coastal) Jeska Dee on 5950 1966 or via email