Draft Planning Scheme Review 2018

Community members are invited to provide their thoughts and comment on the draft Planning Scheme Review Report, before finalisation and submission to the Minister for Planning.

Council is required to formally review the Mornington Peninsula Planning Scheme every four years.

Monitoring, auditing and reporting of the Planning Scheme’s performance is a mandatory requirement under the Planning and Environment Act 1987.

The Mornington Peninsula Planning Scheme commenced on 6 May 1999 – two years after the amalgamation of the Flinders, Hastings and Mornington Shires.

The range and detail of the Scheme’s provisions reflect a notable history of planning initiatives at local, regional and state level of the past half century that were devised to respond to the diverse issues and values of the Peninsula at the time.

The Mornington Peninsula Planning Scheme is often characterised as one of the most expansive and comprehensive in the State. 

The thoroughness of the planning scheme is largely the result of the peninsula’s diverse planning issues, regional context, and legacy as a ‘special place’ which has been formally recognised by successive state and local governments.

The 2018 review provides a significant opportunity to develop a more strategically robust and streamlined planning scheme that responds to the peninsula’s special planning needs in a more effective, efficient and reliable manner.

During this review, Council is also looking to strengthen our local policy in response to the recent changes introduced by the state government to reformat the structure of planning scheme policies.

Following the public exhibition period, the feedback will be reviewed and where appropriate incorporated into the draft Planning Scheme Review prior to adoption by Council and submission to the Minister for Planning.

Key Recommendations from Draft Planning Scheme Review 2018

The Review provides a commentary and analysis of:

  • The strategic background to the Review, including an audit of strategic work undertaken by Council since the last formal review in 2014;
  • Relevant case law and planning panel reports that have implications for the content and operation of the scheme;
  • The State and local strategic context, including recent significant policy changes;
  • The major planning issues facing the Mornington Peninsula, including both existing and emerging themes; and
  • The strategic performance of the scheme in implementing State planning policy, effectively expressing local policy directives, and appropriately and efficiently utilising zone and overlay controls to deliver desired planning outcomes for the Peninsula.

The Draft Review outlines a program for continuous review and further strategic work, finishing with a suite of overall recommendations and an implementation plan to:

  • Reduce red tape (i.e. reduce the need for planning permits and/or streamlining requirements for various uses/developments);
  • Identify and prioritise a program for future strategic planning work (including scheme amendments) to improve the performance, effectiveness and operation of the scheme; and
  • Clarify and strengthen local policy in response to recent changes proposed by State government to reformat the content and structure of planning schemes.

Draft Planning Scheme Review 2018(PDF, 2MB)

You can also view a hardcopy of the Draft Planning Scheme Review 2018 at any of our customer service centres.

Making a Submission

Community submissions are currently open and will close 5pm Friday, 12 October 2018.

Write your own submission

Email your written submission to stratplanprojects@mornpen.vic.gov.au or post to: Attention: Planning Services, Peninsula Wide Team, RE: 'Draft Planning Scheme Review 2018', Mornington Peninsula Shire, Private Bag 1000, Rosebud VIC 3939

Further Information

Should you have any further enquires, please contact Planning Support and ask to speak to the Peninsula Wide team on 5950 1010.


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