Budget 2020

Notice is given pursuant to sections 129 and 223 of the Local Government Act 1989 (‘the Act’) that the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council (‘Council’) has prepared a Proposed Budget for the 2019/20 financial year.

Download: 2019/20 Proposed Budget(PDF, 8MB)

(Hard copies are also available for inspection at Mornington Peninsula Shire’s Rosebud, Mornington and Hastings offices). 

The Budget document was on exhibition from Thursday 28 March until Friday 26 April 2019.

Written submissions were accepted from any person. All submissions received on or before Friday 26 April 2019 will be considered by Council in accordance with Section 223 of the Act. 

A meeting of the Section 223 Submission Committee of Council (‘Committee’) is scheduled to be held on Wednesday, 8 May 2019 commencing at 6.30pm, at the Mornington Peninsula Shire’s Rosebud Office, 90 Besgrove Street, Rosebud. People who have requested to be heard at the meeting in support of their written submission can appear in person, or have a person appear on their behalf.

Download: Mornington Peninsula Shire Annual Report 2017 - 2018

Download: Mornington Peninsula Shire Budget 2018-2019

2017-2021 Council Plan is also available to download, alternatively a hard copy is available from Shire offices. 

Confidentiality in submissions

Submissions received, including the name of the submitter, may be published on Council’s website and may form part of the public record of relevant Council and Committee meetings. Personal information including phone numbers, email and street addresses will not be disclosed. Any offensive, defamatory or third party personal information will not be published. You may access personal information you have provided to the Shire at any time and make corrections. Our Privacy Policy can be found at www.mornpen.vic.gov.au/privacystatement.

If you have any concerns about the use and disclosure of your personal information please contact the Shire’s Privacy officer at privacy@mornpen.vic.gov.au.

Submissions that contain information deemed inappropriate will not be published on the website.

Confidentiality of Personal Information

Personal information including name, address and contact details will be made publicly available if they are included in your general submission. Please only include personal information on an appropriate cover sheet.

Further information

For more information about the Budget process please contact the Finance Team on: 1300 850 600 or email budget@mornpen.vic.gov.au 

2020 Community Pre-Budget Submissions

Submission No.



Subject of Submission (summary only)

requested ($)
Excl. GST
where indicated




Dirk Janson


Requesting funding for a detailed assessment of the Mornington Peninsula koala population


View Submission(PDF, 3MB)

View Reply(PDF, 591KB)


Elisa Coffren & Georgie Keach

Boneo Tennis Club Incorporated

Resurfacing works to 4 tennis courts with net posts


View Submission(PDF, 10MB) View Reply(PDF, 421KB)


Mark Stewart

Nepean Miniature Aerosport Association

Purchase of a Semi Automatic Defibrillator for the club.


View Submission(PDF, 1MB) View Reply(PDF, 620KB)


Carol Buckley

Hastings Junior Football Club

The Hastings Junior Football Club is in desperate need of Ground Lights to be able to train and play night games. This ground is also utilised by the Hastings Senior Womens Football Team.

$ -

View Submission(PDF, 706KB) View Reply(PDF, 420KB)


Belinda Rodman


As a Member of the Shire's Disability Advisory Committee, I ask that the Shire ensure that all items to be included in the budget reflect the Council's mission to "create a resilient, inclusive community " and so ensure that any decisions made are evaluated through the lens of Universal Design.

$ -

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Bruce Trew

Mornington Cycling Club

Construction of a bike lane/widening of road along the esplanade from Mt Martha (Balcolme Estuary to Bentons Rd).

$ -

View Submission(PDF, 657KB) View Reply(PDF, 430KB)


Richard Doery

Community 3942

The upgrade of two Tennis Courts at the Stringer Reserve in line with the recommendations of the report by Tennis Victoria prepared at there request of the Shire. The upgrade to include the surface to be acrylic hard court.


View Submission(PDF, 1MB) View Reply(PDF, 574KB)


Colin Forsyth

Dromana Football and Netball Club

STAGE 2 : Detailed Design of a New Netball Court in the club precinct


View Submission(PDF, 1MB) View Reply(PDF, 583KB)


Graham Hubbard


Shire should deliver what they say they're going to deliver by the time they say they're going to deliver it


View Submission(PDF, 710KB) View Reply(PDF, 441KB)


Anna Lavelle


Improvement of roundabout entry at the intersection of Melbourne Road and Ocean Beach Road and make a 'statement'

$ -

View Submission(PDF, 639KB) View Reply(PDF, 588KB)


Dromana Tennis Club

Grant required to replace floor coverings of club rooms


View Submission(PDF, 626KB)

View Reply(PDF, 587KB)


Rosebud Cricket Club

New Cricket Practice Nets at Olympic Reserve, Rosebud


View Submission(PDF, 3MB) View Reply(PDF, 583KB)


Neil Gilbert


Replacement of toilet block located at Shire Hall Beach. The existing facility is grotty, out of date and a disgrace to the Shire. Should have been demolished and replaced years ago. (Mornington ?)

$ -

View Submission(PDF, 642KB)

View Reply(PDF, 580KB)


Jeremy West

Australian Volunteer Coast Guard - Western Port Flotilla

Rental Assistance for Coast Guard facilities at Western Port Marina


View Submission(PDF, 671KB) View Reply(PDF, 430KB)


Richard Doery

Community 3942

Addition of bicycle lanes to both sides of St Johns Wood rd; rollover guttering and storm water drainage; improved parking adjacent to the Blairgowrie shops; Removal of all environmental weeds and the establishment of a nature reserve on both sides of the road with indigenous vegetation.

$ -

View Submission(PDF, 753KB) View Reply(PDF, 415KB)


John Granger


Safety and accessibility of Mornington Local Boat Ramps specifically Snapper Point and Fisherman's Beach.

$ -

View Submission(PDF, 859KB) View Reply(PDF, 581KB)


Shane McMahon

Rye Football Netball Club

Purchase of the new Cooker/Fryer range for the Rowley Reserve Clubrooms, Rye


View Submission(PDF, 970KB) View Reply(PDF, 431KB)


Julie Gregson


Request for additional Camping Dump points for waste water across the Foreshore.

$ -

View Submission(PDF, 746KB)

View Reply(PDF, 575KB)


Main Ridge Tennis Club

Renovating an unsafe tennis court for the club.


View Submission(PDF, 2MB)

View Reply(PDF, 419KB)


Stuart Davis-Meehan

Mornington Community Information and Support Centre INC

Upgrade/replacement of existing toilets in Mornington Community Information and Support Centre


View Submission(PDF, 2MB)

View Reply(PDF, 437KB)


Bec Davis

Mornington Chamber of Commerce

Funding for "Music on the Street" for the Mornington Winter Music Festival


View Submission(PDF, 7MB)

View Reply(PDF, 400KB)


David Rolfe

Mornington Peninsula Astronomical Society

Upgraded toilet facilities; Improved parking at the top of the briars; and street lighting

$ -

View Submission(PDF, 2MB)

View Reply(PDF, 429KB)


Peter Aldenhoven

Willum Warrain Aboriginal Association

Seeking the development for a master plan to consider the growth of the Willum Warrain organisation


View Submission(PDF, 1MB)

View Reply(PDF, 453KB)


Carolyn Rose

Mornington Foreshore Information Group

Provide budget for the reestablishment of full support of the Foreshore Information Groups (nee Foreshore Advisory Groups) by Council as they operated a number of years ago. Provide budgeting for the administrative support these groups require to have produced a periodical one page newsletters to be distributed to the community which would include area specific coastal update information about the foreshore, contact numbers of coastal related government bodies, species in danger, pest plants and similar.

$ -

View Submission(PDF, 767KB) View Reply(PDF, 663KB)


Lorraine Verdaasdonk


Realignment of the Safety Beach North end beach boat ramp


View Submission(PDF, 735KB) View Reply(PDF, 578KB)


Mornington Civic Bowls & Social Club Inc.

Replacement of obsolete original 30 year old cooling/heating system


View Submission(PDF, 1MB) View Reply(PDF, 583KB)


Greg Fitzgerald & Bob Donaldson

ABCD Group

Provision of shared pathway to provide access to the Hillview Community Reserve for all members of the community regardless of their mobility constraints.


View Submission(PDF, 1MB)

View Reply(PDF, 434KB)


Barry Steggall

Mount Martha Golf Club

Concept plans for the future development of the course including the administration building and carpark

$ -

View Submission(PDF, 921KB)

View Reply(PDF, 584KB)


Shane McMahon

Sorrento Community Centre

Review and implement the Sorrento Community Centre building upgrade plans developed during 2017 including additional facilities upgrades requested as part of this submission.

$ -

View Submission(PDF, 1022KB)

View Reply(PDF, 594KB)


Peninsula Old Boys Cricket Club

Modification of toilets inside Howard Parker pavilion to provide a woman’s facility.


View Submission(PDF, 625KB)

View Reply(PDF, 592KB)


Jo Monie

Flinders Community Association

Install toilets in the main Flinders Park

$ -

View Submission(PDF, 1MB) View Reply(PDF, 421KB)


Jo Monie

Flinders Community Association

Renovation of Flinders Hall

$ -

View Submission(PDF, 1MB) View Reply(PDF, 418KB)


Michael Treadwell

Point Leo SLSC

Contribution for the LifeChanger program


View Submission(PDF, 2MB)

View Reply(PDF, 413KB)


Michael Westworth

Beleura Junior Football Club

Reconfiguration of toilets at Dallas Brooks reserve.

$ -

View Submission(PDF, 751KB)

View Reply(PDF, 585KB)


Michael Westworth

Beleura Junior Football Club

2nd playing oval at Dallas Brooks Reserve.

$ -

View Submission(PDF, 744KB)

View Reply(PDF, 586KB)


Peter Cash

Merricks Beach Residents' Association Inc

Renovation of community tennis courts


View Submission(PDF, 5MB) View Reply(PDF, 584KB)


Christine Browning


More funds to go to 6 monthly cutting back on all footpaths in Mt Eliza

$ -

View Submission(PDF, 90KB)

View Reply(PDF, 580KB)


Peninsula Raiders over 35's AFL club

Development and implementation of an over 50/s football team


View Submission(PDF, 742KB)

View Reply(PDF, 625KB)


Dr Bill Genat

Cyril Young Memorial Chapel Association Incorporated

Prepare a Conservation Management Plan for Cyril Young Memorial Chapel, an open-air chapel dedicated to Australian soldiers after WW2.


View Submission(PDF, 5MB)

View Reply(PDF, 425KB)


Alan Fisher

Shoreham Community Association Inc

The Placemaking Shoreham Common Project Stage 2


View Submission(PDF, 1MB) View Reply(PDF, 579KB)


Alan Fisher

Shoreham Community Association Inc

Planning of a comprehensive Drainage Plan for Shoreham Coastal Village

$ -

View Submission(PDF, 1MB)

View Reply(PDF, 587KB)


Eddie Matt

FVFF Peninsula Branch

Request an additional full time Planning Enforcement officer who focusses on the Green Wedge and Farm Management Plans, to maintain the integrity of the Planning Scheme and to protect Green Wedge land from inappropriate uses.

$ -

View Submission(PDF, 762KB) View Reply(PDF, 591KB)


Clive Smith

Nepean Historical Society

Addition of a secure storage facility to The Sorrento Museum


View Submission(PDF, 841KB)

View Reply(PDF, 478KB)


Christina Bennett

1st Balnarring Scout Group

Requesting a Scout Hall be built for use of the scout group.

$ -

View Submission(PDF, 739KB)

View Reply(PDF, 495KB)


Greg Powell

WhiteCliffs to Camerons Bight Foreshore Reserve Committee of Management

Resurfacing, Realignment and improved signage of the Bay Trail


View Submission(PDF, 921KB) View Reply(PDF, 421KB)


John Tilleard

Somers Yacht Club Inc

Provision of a fire hydrant in the Somers Lower Carpark


 View Submission(PDF, 3MB) View Reply(PDF, 424KB)


David Grace


Additional funding for Coastal Management

$ -

View Submission(PDF, 2MB)

View Reply(PDF, 572KB)


Mt Eliza Football Netball Club

The installation of 2 x 15 ft sports shelters with bench seating will increase female participation in community sport whilst enabling a safer operational environment for the women of our community.


View Submission(PDF, 731KB)

View Reply(PDF, 424KB)


Anthony Pope

Peninsula Chamber Musicians Inc

To assist the growth and maintenance of the PCM/O


View Submission(PDF, 3MB) View Reply(PDF, 421KB)


Adrian Clarkson

Red Hill Tennis Club

The Red Hill Tennis Club has already been allocated $20,000 for the design and development to upgrade the two asphalt public tennis courts. Once the design part is complete in early 2019 we would love to be able to roll into the upgrade of these two courts.


View Submission(PDF, 657KB) View Reply(PDF, 589KB)


Martin Scanlon

Alexandra Park Project Inc

Upgrade of Change rooms , umpires rooms and public toilets


View Submission(PDF, 2MB) View Reply(PDF, 424KB)


Ben Grayson & Richard Vaudrey


Re-surfacing of the grassed area at Marshall Street Reserve


View Submission(PDF, 1MB) View Reply(PDF, 589KB)


Michael Treadwell

Point Leo Surf Life Saving Club Inc.

Point Leo Future/Hub Project - Stage 2 of Clubhouse Redevelopment Works


View Submission(PDF, 5MB)

View Reply(PDF, 581KB)


Craig Bozelle

Somerville Eagles Soccer Club

New drainage at Tyabb Central Reserve oval, flooding of oval during winter

$ -

View Submission(PDF, 659KB)

View Reply(PDF, 582KB)


Captn David Garnock and Jason Dowler

Western Port Chamber of Commerce and Industry - WCCI

The Navy proposes to give the MPS a large 4.5 Inch double-barrel naval gun turret (hereafter referred to as the ‘Centenary Naval Gun’.


View Submission(PDF, 4MB)

(PDF, 578KB)View Reply(PDF, 604KB)


Mornington Bowling Club Inc

Upgrade bar facilities and install cool room, upgrade mens locker room and adjoining facilities at Mornington Bowling Club.


View Submission(PDF, 2MB) View Reply(PDF, 578KB)


Tristan Clarke

Mornington Peninsula Food Wine Festival

Mornington Peninsula Food Wine Festival


View Submission(PDF, 8MB) View Reply(PDF, 580KB)


Thomas Kenny

Mornington Tennis Club

Financial assistance with delivering the Strategic Business Plan through NetSports. Funding will be used for consulting fees etc. Club will contribute a further $6k to bring total to $30k.


View Submission(PDF, 759KB)

View Reply(PDF, 580KB)


Peter Morris

Somerville Tennis Club

Rendering of the Clubhouse - to improve look and quality of Club rooms


View Submission(PDF, 714KB)

View Reply(PDF, 575KB)


David Maddocks

Red Hill Community Association

Interpretive construction of former Red Hill station platform and development of activities area.


View Submission(PDF, 3MB)

View Reply(PDF, 415KB)


Mechelle Cheers

Rye Community Group Alliance

Key Rye community priorities.


View Submission(PDF, 6MB) View Reply(PDF, 471KB)


Elsie Porter


Propose a subsidised program for mums with children under the age of 5, so the PT can get back to fitness.


View Submission(PDF, 81KB)

View Reply(PDF, 565KB)


Somers Tennis Club

Upgrade to LED lighting on Courts 1 and 2 and extension of decking for court 3 (and future court 4); construction of a new Court 4 including retaining wall and associate drainage works


View Submission(PDF, 746KB)

View Reply(PDF, 597KB)


Chris Maine

Mornington Peninsula Beach Box Association

Hillview Community Reserve


View Submission(PDF, 784KB)

View Reply(PDF, 575KB)


Don Newman

Western Port Angling Club

The Public Toilet facility is 30 years old & is in need of an upgrade and improved Disabled Access.


View Submission(PDF, 1MB)

View Reply(PDF, 575KB)


Bob Donaldson

ABCD Group

Provide shared pathway for persons with a disability to enjoy all aspects of the Hillview Community Reserve


View Submission(PDF, 2MB)

View Reply(PDF, 422KB)


Samantha Blair

ABCD Group

Financial assistance with printing stickers of logo, branding and slogan to building the profile and identity of Dromana as a place to visit and live.


View Submission(PDF, 623KB)

View Reply(PDF, 623KB)


Samantha Blair

Dromana Community Garden

Design and landscape open drain along netball courts.

$ -

View Submission(PDF, 8MB)

View Reply(PDF, 423KB)


Elsie Porter


Install electric vehicle fast charging station

$ -

View Submission(PDF, 745KB)

View Reply(PDF, 572KB)


Frederick Crump


Tanti Park Estate - This estate requires a major capital works program, old walk ramps, broken, slanted footpaths, gutters, and upgrading of the Robertson Drive Shopping Centre. Bored youth - needs a skatepark. Preferred site next to Gymprock alongside railway line.


View Submission(PDF, 2MB)

View Reply(PDF, 559KB)