Budget 2019

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Pre-Budget submissions on Mornington Peninsula Shire’s 2018/19 Annual Budget to help guide the direction of the peninsula's future in line with our 2017-2021 Council Plan have now closed.

Submissions received, or sections of, as submitted and unedited, will be reproduced on this website and in Council papers that are publicly available.

The 2017-2021 Council Plan is available to download, alternatively a hard copy is available from Shire offices. 

Submissions for consideration in the development of the Annual Budget 2018/19 closed at 5pm Thursday 16 November 2017. 

Download: Mornington Peninsula Shire Annual Report 2016 - 2017(PDF, 14MB)

Download: Adopted budget 2017-18.pdf(PDF, 12MB)

Confidentiality in submissions

All information contained in submissions will be made available to the public on the Mornington Peninsula Shire website unless you indicate that you would like all or part of your submission to remain in confidence.  Automatically generated confidentiality statements in emails do not suffice for this purpose.  Respondents who would like part of their submission to remain in confidence should provide this information marked as such in a separate attachment.  Legal requirements, such as those imposed by the Freedom of Information Act 1982, may affect the confidentiality of your submission.

Submissions that contain information deemed inappropriate will not be published on the website.

Confidentiality of Personal Information

Personal information including name, address and contact details will be made publicly available if they are included in your general submission.  Please only include personal information on an appropriate coversheet.