What is a Contractor Management Prequalification System?

‘Avetta’ is the Shire’s Contractor Management Prequalification and Verification System – (formerly known as iPro Live)

The Shire have a requirement for Contractors to be registered and approved within a contractor management prequalification and verification system.  The ‘Avetta’ system is used to support our Supplier Management Program.

By partnering with Avetta, we have streamlined our prequalification processes and ensure your organisation’s skill sets are visible across all our business – not solely where you may currently be working.

Avetta’s online software provides a cost-effective system to manage the Shires exposure to risk through contracting and reduces the administrative burden on contractors through standardisation of pre-qualification and assessment processes.

The Shire use Avetta’s Contractor Management Prequalification and Verification System to pre-qualify and classify contractors, according to their safety and environmental management systems, technical and resource capability, financial position and overall past performance.

Our aim is to streamline requirements, to improve operational effectiveness and reduce duplication for both Mornington Peninsula Shire Council and our suppliers, thereby improving consistency and reducing the administrative burden on our contractors.

Why does the Shire use contractor management software?

  • Streamline the process of tender preparation, submission and evaluation by significantly reducing the amount of information to be provided in the tender response.

  • Provide a degree of protection to both the Mornington Peninsula Shire and contractors against over-commitment.

  • Provide a degree of protection & confidence in our appointed contractors ability to manage safety and environmental risks during works for the benefit of staff, workers and the community alike.

What Next?

Roll-Out is already well underway for our Civil Contractors, Building Contractors and other related activities.

Contractors & consultants required in other work streams across the many and varied services of the Shire will soon be contacted to register with Avetta.

If you are a new Civil Contractor, Building Contractor or consultant that works in a related field and have not previously been contacted to connect with Avetta but would like to register to work for the Shire, please proceed to the Avetta website for further information.  

If you’re an existing Avetta member with another client, we will recognise the data you have already submitted – so you just need to link your company to the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council and complete our client specific requirements.

If you’re an existing IPro-Live member, Avetta will provide recognition of all fees paid to IPro-Live up to the next anniversary date for fees required. If you have any questions on this, please do not hesitate to contact Luke Sell from Avetta on 0432 276 027.

Details on how to register online provided below:

  • Register Online. Each vendor must register on the Avetta website and select Mornington Peninsula Shire Council.

  • If you are already a member with Avetta, simply log into your account and link your company with Mornington Peninsula Shire Council.  Avetta representatives will be available to provide registration assistance by phone, on 1300 620 804 or 1800 502 142. Please contact the Avetta Registrations team at registrations@avetta.com or ‘support@avetta.com’ for any assistance with your registration.

Thank you in advance for your participation:

We look forward to both maintaining and enhancing our relationship with you.  If you have any questions for Mornington Peninsula Shire, please don’t hesitate to contact us at avetta@mornpen.vic.gov.au and a member of the Safety & Service Quality unit will respond to your query. 

Keep watching this space for further updates.