CN2536 - Booked Hard and Green waste kerbside Collection Services

Mornington Peninsula Shire invites proposals for the provision of a booked hard and green waste kerbside collections service.

The key outcomes under this contract are:

  • The collection of hard and green waste from any Residential tenements within the Collection Area.
  • Provision of bookings system for the collection of Hard Waste, Green Waste or Hard Waste and Green Waste.
  • Increase reuse and recycling of materials collected including those materials identified as Priority Materials.
  • Provision of Reports on Non-Collections and Collections as detailed in the Specification document.
  • Ongoing management arrangements for the recovery/processing of priority materials.
  • Compliance with the relevant occupational health and safety and hazardous waste management legislation.

Closing Date & Time: Wednesday 19th May 2021 at 3pm

Visit our e-Procurement system to access tender information and documents and make your tender submission.

Tenders must be submitted electronically via the e-Procurement system and in accordance with the requirements stated in the tender document.  Please only provide documentation relevant to the tender submission