Workplace Safety

At Mornington Peninsula Shire we believe every incident is preventable.

We value and expect a personal commitment for everyone to work together to work safely.

All leaders are committed to the journey of continously improving both our safety maturity and our safety programs.

We insist -

There is nothing anyone does at Mornington Peninsula Shire that is so important we can not take the time to do it safely

Currently our incident hotspot is manual handling related, with back and/or arms the most commonly effected areas. These injuries typically occur in the public domain, and regularly present as a slow onset.

In 2016 the Shire increased efforts at proactive, early intervention programs to firstly reduce severity and onset, as well as reviewing tasks and making modifications.   

The Shire’s Health and Rehabilitation program (HARP) enables all staff to access treatment consultations for any injury, up to four sessions per instance. This program has significantly reduced the impact an injury has on the person, their family, their team and therefore our customers and clients.   In 2017 we seek to focus on continuing to reduce the incident occurance.