Food Safety Management Policy

To manage food safety at food businesses and community groups, Council recently reviewed and adopted it's Food Safety Management Policy. The policy aims to ensure that food sold within the Shire is safe. The policy introduced a ‘risk management’ approach to food safety assessment and the Shire’s Best Bites Food Guide program.

Download: Food-Safety-Policy-Adopted-By-Council-August-2019.pdf(PDF, 491KB)

Under this policy, Shire inspections of food premises assess whether each business is managing its food safety risks, and focus on the 10 Golden Rules of Food Safety:

  1. The food safety supervisor must have suitable food safety training and knowledge of the business.
  2. All foods must be purchased from approved suppliers who have registration with a local council or Primesafe.
  3. High-risk foods must be delivered to your business below 5°C or fully frozen and be fully labelled.
  4. High-risk foods must be stored below 5°C, or below -15°C if frozen.
  5. A potable, safe water supply must be available.
  6. High-risk foods that are cooked must be cooked to at least 75°C.
  7. Cooked high-risk foods that are cooled for service or re-heating must be cooled to below 5°C within 6 hours.
  8. High-risk foods displayed for sale or delivered to customers must be kept above 60°C or below 5°C.
  9. All foods must be covered and protected during storage, display and delivery.
  10. Premises must be kept in a clean condition and a written cleaning/sanitising schedule must be in place.

By ensuring that food businesses are managing their risks properly, consumers will be better protected from unsafe food. It is important to remember that following these food safety rules will reduce the risk of food poisoning both in food premises and at home.

The Food Safety Management Policy will:

  • Assist food businesses and community groups to serve safe, healthy food and protect customers with food allergies.
  • Provide excellent customer service to all food safety stakeholders.
  • Support the Best Bites program to promote healthy, accessible and sustainable food businesses